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  1. POLYTECH MAGS and Bayonet

    Hi ,I am looking for 2 polytech mags and a bayonet.Bayonet Needs to be excellent condition. Thanks in Advance
  2. ill take one. how do i pay on paypal
  3. have new ak74 bulgarian kits with matcHing #s and barrels .Parts kits look never used Also new bulgarian kits Aksu krinks with Matching #s and orig. barrel unused How much do u offer . Pls private message me
  4. hi do u still have the mp5 A2 stock . do u have pic VV interested rich
  5. Please I will take if he backs out
  6. WTB : Aks-74u parts kit and barrel.

    I have a unfired Bulgarian krink kit purchased from the owner of K Var . Still in wax paper ,original barrel. 1600.00. That is 200$ less than I paid back in the good ole days. LOL
  7. Also have virgin unfired bulgarian ak74 unfired with original barr in trunion if you're looking for that
  8. Have m70 milled underfolder yugo with original good barrel. Asking 700 shipped. had three rewelded perfectly
  9. Delete

    Hi. I will take all three mp5/5k firing pins! Do you still have the MPi scope rail and if so,does it come with the hardware? How much
  10. Hi guys. Please help. I'm in a rush to get a couple of NFA items before the July changes. For the transfer of the weapons on the form 4 I have a REVOCABLE TRUST that is 50 pages long drafted BY AN ATTORNEY. It is not specific for guns BUT SUPPOSEDELY WELL WRITTEN .Since it was drafted ,MY family situation is changed it includes my ex sister-in-law's name which I do not want on it. The vendor of the weapons is selling a supposedly expertly written gun trust that is extremely simplified and only five pages. There I can include only my immediate family which I would want the guns only to go to. What do you think of this :is this legal. I plan on keeping the name of the trust exactly as my old trust was written. And it is a REVOCABLE trust that they said c an be changed . I don't want to jeopardize any of my weapons. Sincerely Rich