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  1. Madsen LMG magazines for sale

    What type of payment do you accept? discreet pp f&f? do you have 20 or 30 left?
  2. wtb fbp smg parts kits...10+

    I know imi has them for 239, I was hoping for a better price for 10.... Let me know price and condition thanks! Andy
  3. WTB colt lmg upper

    pretty please? Let me know price and condition thanks! Andy
  4. I would prefer nicer kits even if they are more expensive. thanks Andy
  5. well... I have good news and bad news... The type 11's are rare and my son has a dewat, very nice one.... But he isn't going to want to sell individual parts off of it.. I almost didn't bother leaving the message, but someone might not mind having a complete set of extra parts...