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  1. WTB: Mini Uzi Micro Uzi Bolt

    Fellas, I’m looking for a replacement IMI F/A Mini Uzi Bolt or F/A Micro Uzi Bolt. Please forward contact info. and details. Thank you, God Bless America! - Chris
  2. Fellas- I’m looking for another reasonably priced SWD RLL. Prefer F3 but F4s will work. Located in Arizona. Cash in hand, or horse trade. Plenty of HKs, Prebans & other NFA. Please, serious inquires only. Stay safe, Thx- Chris
  3. WTB: H&K USP 40 Urban Grey

    Looking for an original AE datecode HK USP 40 in Urban Grey. Not interested in the recent production offerings. May consider the green/tan/grey USP 40 Compact versions from 2004 as well. Cash & FFL in hand. Cheers. Chris
  4. WTB: Colt RO633 DOE Upper

    Doesn’t get any better then that specimen. Might not have the stomach to button that one up and dance.
  5. WTB: Colt RO633 DOE Upper

    Looking for an Authentic Colt DOE R0633 Upper for my SMG. Will consider spare parts. Cash in hand or trading stock. Please leave your contact info. Happy New Year! -Chris
  6. Looking for a Spare Steyr Aug Receiver. Please A1, A2 and USR only. CCF Import OK. Also Looking For Green F/A 9mm Stock. Cash or plenty of trading stock. Please forward contact info. Thx- Happy Holidays