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  1. AOW sources for these anyone?

    Hey guys, what I'd like to know is if anybody knows of any companies that produce AOW type weapons. Now I'm not referring to the short shotguns that have that classification. I'm looking for gadget guns such as penguns, briefcase guns, knife pistol combinations, whatever else that might be out there. I haven't been able to even find any magazines or other sources for these AOW's. Anybody here able to steer me in the right direction? Oh and yes I know of SAR magazine but there's never gadget guns.
  2. I'm searching for one of those old complete parts kit for building a Leinad side by side .45LC/410 gauge derringer type pistols. They were originally developed by Cobray under the company names such as Leinad, FMJ, Ducktown, and probably more names. I want to build one for personal use, normally the kits were containing all necessary parts except for the breach plate and I already found a source for those. I just can't seem to find a parts kit. If anyone has one they'd like to sell contact me or leave a reply on this site. If you know of any sources for finding the kits please let me know as well. Thanks!
  3. I just read about this on another gun blogsite. . This idea has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of for reasons that are too obvious to even need to explain. Apparently the Chicago Police Department is in the process of removing all department issued shotguns from every police vehicle in the city. And NO it isn't for the purposes of upgrading to better ones either. The reason for this is because of trying to be POLITICALLY CORRECT. I'll post the link below. I must admit this is a special kind of stupid even for politicians, and any anti-gunners police officers, and chiefs. I actually feel sorry for the officers that this is going to affect. Here's the link If the link doesn't work by clicking on it, then cut and paste it in your browser.
  4. I'm thinking about buying one of the GHOSTGUNNER machines. They supposedly can finish receivers in no time and very correctly too, at least for building AR rifles and pistols. I guess the newest version is called the GHOSTGUNNER II. The only downside is that it costs $1500.00. Fifteen hundred bucks ain't peanuts, at least not for me anyway. I will use it probably alot, as it's also able to be programmed to finish other types of receivers and pistol frames too. Anyway, what do you guys think of that machine? . Thoughts, opinions anyone?
  5. Hey peeps, this just happened to me about almost four hours ago (about 9:15 PM Pacific time). I was driving home, got pulled over. The officer comes up to my side and asks me where I'm going. I replied with " what's the problem officer, what'd I do?" Then he asks for my DL, registration and ins stuff, I say alright and pull out my wallet, retrieve my ins and regulations papers from the glove box and hand them over. Next he asks me " do you have any firearms or any other kind of weapons in your truck?" I replied with NO OFFICER I DO NOT. He says "do you know why I'm asking you this?" I said I'm assuming for your own safety, he says "mostly because you've got all of those gun stickers in your rear window". I asked him so when is that illegal? He of course says "it's not illegal but it should be seeing as how the only people who should have guns are the law enforcement and government military people". I replied with "you mean just like Hitler did in Nazi Germany?" He looks at my documents hands them back and says "goodbye" and walks off. Apparently if you advertise on your vehicle that you support your civil rights you run the risk of being pulled over if any anti-gun cops spot you.
  6. Reviews,thoughts, or opinions on GHOSTGUNNER?

    Hmmm..... thier site says fifteen hundred bucks PLUS one hundred dollars for shipping. Well anyway did those guys at Knob Creek say anything positive or negative about it?
  7. what's up with the prices for .22LR ammo?

    Yea the panic factor is exactly what caused the inflation. It's just that the price increase specifically for 22 ca ammo just took me by surprise. Why? Because every other time that a gun ban goes into effect, there's always a provision in there that says specifically that any of the guns that are chambered for 22 rimfire ammo is EXCLUDED from the ban.
  8. Apparently I missed something about this. But why the hell and when dud 22LR ammunition get so damn expensive? I haven't shot any of my 22's in awhile so I'm pricing ammo online and the prices are going for more than larger caliber ammo is? What caused this, and how long ago did this first happen?
  9. Hi peeps, I'm searching for a couple of manuals or other assembly instructions in any format, that are for building and assembling from a parts kit the following Derringer pistols. 1)Cobray, Leinad, FMJ, Ducktown, TN, SWD, and whatever other names that they are found under, For the specific model known the DD (yes as in double D) this model is the side by side double barrel pistol typically available in the caliber and gauge of 45lc/410ga. 2) the other model that I'm trying to find assembly instructions for, Is for the Model -R-. This is the particular derringer model that is very similar to a Pepper box and contains a cylinder consisting of multiple barrels chambered in .22 caliber. ONE THING THOUGH, I ALREADY KNOW OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE WEBSITE THAT'S CALLED I THINK FLATV? OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. THE PLANS that THEY HAVE AVAILABLE ARE ONLY FOR THE OVER/UNDER DERRINGER AND ALTHOUGH THESE CAN SUPPOSEDLY ARE THE SAME FOR ASSEMBLING THE OTHER UNITS THAT I MENTIONED ABOVE. HOWEVER I HAVE SEEN IN PRINT MANUALS AND BOOKS SPECIFICALLY FOR THE MODELS THAT I MENTIONED ABOVE. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME OUT HERE? EVEN A LINK OR OTHER SOURCE FOR THESE MANUALS WILL BE APPRECIATED! REMEMBER THE TWO MANUALS ARE FOR ASSEMBLING THE MODEL DD DOUBLE D, AND THE MODEL R AND IS 22. THANKS!
  10. what's up with the prices for .22LR ammo?

    Amongst the panic, 22 ammo managed to get by me without me noticing. I didn't realize that it has gotten so pricy. Well look like blackpowder guns are looking better and better.
  11. what's up with the prices for .22LR ammo?

    Yea I remember when the buying panic was in full force, it's still continuing on. Only difference now is everybody trying to buy up anything and everything AR related, 80% lowers, complete kits, etc. AK stuff notwithstanding but to a lesser degree than AR. 223 ammunition is of course impossible for stores to keep in stock but at least the prices aren't much higher than they used to be, and at least there isn't a shortage of it anymore like. There was back about three to five years ago. I remember back in 2013 the guy from was charging a cool THOUSAND BUCKS FOR A CASE OF 1000 ROUNDS OF STANDARD 55GR TARGET AMMO. That was rediculous. I'm considering getting into blackpowder shooting. At least even 22 ca percussion supplies aren't going to break the bank or my wallet. As of today anyway who knows what tomorrow might bring.
  12. what's up with the prices for .22LR ammo?

    Well not me. I'll shoot other stuff, my 22's can all just continue to sit idle in my safe until prices drop back to normal if they ever do.
  13. Why is this so expensive? I used to pay about 15 bucks for a 500 Rd brick. Why is 22 ammo priced so high?
  14. Pulled over tonight for bumper stickers

    Yea Rolin, if I would have been arrested and charged with something I might have suggested that to my lawyer. But seeing as how I didn't have anything illegal in my truck and I wasn't breaking any law anyway, and I wasn't arrested. So there's really no reason why I should complain about this. No probablprobable cause, that is true there was no PC for the pull over stop. But he didn't beat me up so not much point in my botching about the stop to anyone. I only mentioned it here, just to advise everyone that certain bumper stickers can persuade some cops to stop you.
  15. Pulled over tonight for bumper stickers

    Oh I think it may have also been caused in part by one sticker thar stands out more than the others. I don't know how to post a photo of it here so I'll describe it. It has a big hand putting up the middle finger and underneath it reads. FUCK GUN CONTROL
  16. Pulled over tonight for bumper stickers

    You know actually it's LEGAL to have a Rifle in your rifle rack in your back window too, even in California. Just as long as it isn't loaded and if it isn't a type that California considers to be an "assault Rifle". There's no law against that. However in vehicles Rifles do not have to be in any case like it cab be in a rack without being encased. With Assault weapons they need to be registered with the CA DOJ and transported in a LOCKED container. But regular Rifles are treated differently.
  17. I don't know how many of you know this already or not, but apparently China has its own Olympic shooting team. There isn't much on TV right now so while I was channel surfing I stumbled upon this Chinese shooters competetive target shooting with semi-auto pistols. I was not even aware China even had such a team much less an Olympic shooting team. Anyway I guess you can find all sorts of interesting shit on TV at 2:45 in the morning. By the way it's on channel msnbc.
  18. Need sources for books, PDF files, other methods

    Apparently nobody here knows of any free download sources. Oh well life is just what life is I guess.
  19. Hi guys I know alot of you are into building your own firearms from parts kits and such, I need some assistance with this. Okay how and where can I locate instructions for how to assemble and or construct firearms including welding and brazing frames and the like. I just recently decided to start doing this as a new hobby, but I can't find too many sources of information for how to do this. I've tried amazon and a couple others but THE PROBLEM WITH THAT IS THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PARTICULAR TITLES ARE, SO CAN'T SEARCH FOR EXACT TITLES SINCE I DON'T KNOW THE NAMES TO ASK FOR. One thing I forgot to mention, I'm searching for titles and sources for straight up building firearms. I'm not looking for just information about illegal conversion of semi-auto guns into machineguns, I want to stay on the right side of the laws here. Okay? So can you people help me out in some way? At the moment the projects I'm about ready to begin are for building a Glock pistol, a Leinad derringer, and a semi-auto sten, and eventually a couple of AK and AR projects down the road. But can't start on any of these until I receive some type of instructions for doing so. I know I should probably know these sources already, I used to be an FFL/SOT once upon a time. But that was then.
  20. Anybody interested in FLAMETHROWERS?

    Eodinert, so what, you want to know how easy and simple it is to get that permit? It is a he'll of alot easier to get a license to Possess and use a flamethrowing device (that's what the permit is called BTW) easier to get one than to get a CCW license. Here's all you have to do... Fill out the application for a license to Possess and use or operate a * flamethrowering device. Be sure to included a check or money order for $400.00 required every year by the way. Send in everything to the state fire Marshall office. Wait while they take thier own sweet time to process your application. They'll get around to doing it eventually. When they do get to yours, you will have to pass a background check ( same one as used for gun purchases but this one can take longer than ten days). Assuming that you passed, guess what happens next? Your state issued license to have your flamethrowing device comes to you in the mail. BOOM WALLAH YOU'RE ALL LEGAL NOW, NOBODY CAN SAY SHIT OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT NOW. Yes I'm just saying it this way to piss off any anti-gunners who might be reading this. I'm actually considering getting a license myself. The only two things standing in my way are 1) if I had a flamethrower where would I be able to play with it at? And the other reason is that flamethrowers on the open market are typically expensive as fuck. Look at both of the links above see how much they charge for one of thiers. The main thing is where could I use it though. I wouldn't just take it out to the middle of the desert or up in the mountains, because the chances of accidentally starting a wild fire is to high especially in either one of those places previously mentioned. So where could I use it safely?
  21. I just found this website earlier it's cool. There's a company that is producing a version of the hand held flamethrower. And it doesn't require pressurized tanks to operate, and it's legal too. There are no Federal laws governingflamethrowers they aren't even considered to be a weapon by the BATF. There are however a couple of states thst have laws against them. Anyway if any of you have any interest at all in flamethrowers you should check out this website take a look! You know you want to...
  22. AOW sources for these anyone?

    Saab, thanks anyway but I've already got enough pen guns as it is. Besides I've already begun work on two different projects now. Again thanks anyway
  23. Johnson, that is a very dumb reason or shall I say.. excuse for taking away the officers shotgun. Since when has the government or L.E. ever worry about being politically correct? Especially where matters of protecting citizens and their property is concerned. And that's without saying matters of officer safety.
  24. Need sources for books, PDF files, other methods

    Aren't there any sources that can provide instructions or manuals for free? Like a site where I could download PDF files for building certain types of thingies?
  25. Need sources for books, PDF files, other methods

    Mike what's the website addresses for those PDF files or whatever other format that they might come in?