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  1. Helpful info on an FNC

    Thank you very much Mike. I am still in contact with the man, and am going to go and see him and the guns in the near future. He is locally near me ,and wants me to come see and shoot them to be sure I have no regrets for buying. That is a blessing. He has the FNC, and two Mac 10 in 45 caliber. And two registered M16. One is a Colt and a little more than my price range or convincing my wife. But seems to be a good price for what I have seen on here. The other is stamped and made by a local gunsmith from the eighties from Frankston, Tx. I believe his name to be James Barr, and the gun is stamped Barr Arms. The only thing is it is not a name brand receiver, and don't know if that would be a deciding issue. It is in a gun/machine shop now getting refinished and all worked on. Am I correct that I should always be able to get parts and keeping it working? And wouldn't I be able to put different uppers, and maybe a few uppers of a different caliber? Thanks again for advice. This is a major purchase and want to make the best decisions. Blessings Nace
  2. Helpful info on an FNC

    Thank you for your response and information.
  3. Helpful info on an FNC

    I am looking to buy my first NFA gun. There is an individual that is locally close to me that is looking to part with a couple of guns. One is an FNC and I am just wondering about availability of parts. I have heard that some say that they are rugged and nothing generally ever goes wrong with them. I would appreciate any advice, guidance or directions to a website that I might get info. Thank you Nace Heard