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  1. SPF Winchester M2 Carbine C&R Fully Transferable

    A transferable original Winchester M2 carbine is incredibly rare. A damn shame someone decided to scrub and blue it. I've been sitting on a Winchester M2 carbine trigger pack for a long time waiting for one.
  2. Left hand bolt still available for $250 shipped Semi auto complete carrier for $420 shipped
  3. Additional items. Scope rings still available. Left hand bolt with lock sleeve and cam pin $310 shipped Semi auto roller carrier with right hand bolt out of 903 series A1 $520 shipped
  4. Still looking for an amnesty original USGI M2 carbine (not a conversion, registered part or a gun marked by another manufacturer) or a Costa Mesa AR-18
  5. WTS-Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun

    What was the idea behind the blocking bar and I assume it still allows you to release the magazine? Never seen that before thus I am ignorant.
  6. Further price drop. AUG special receiver just sold on GunBroker for 3475 before tax and shipping. Mine is $3450 shipped now.
  7. Keeping the rings with the receiver because the receiver isn't much without them to most people, for now.