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  1. Still looking for a like new or close to it full auto stock. Looking for an Austrian made 20" barrel or one of the chrome lined US made barrels with the original thread pitch.
  2. Ok let's just say you were really bored...doable? Apex is loaded up with M53 parts but it seems the curvature of the M53 magazines precludes using those mags in the magwell of the very straight M50
  3. Still looking. Will take black stock as well.
  4. Any word on whether the AR-180 is a conversion or an AR-18? Who did the conversion if it is one?
  5. Is the AR-180 a conversion or is it a factory AR-18?
  6. Damn I appreciate the offer and will keep it in mind. My apologies for not specifying green. I hate it when others do it and hate it more when I'm guilty of it.
  7. Bought an AUG but it came with a 16" barrel. Would prefer a 20". If you don't have that forward grip that's ok. Most important part is condition. Also looking for a green full auto stock in excellent condition and a three round burst pack.