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  1. Is anyone still doing Sten conversions?

    I 2nd this. John does very good work!
  2. Is anyone still doing Sten conversions?

    Try John Andrewski -- (603) 630-0290.
  3. I have a fully transferable Bren Inglis made in 1942 also chambered in 303. This is s superb gun and you will not be disappointed!
  4. Knob Creek April 2021 CANCELLED

    Big Sandy Machinegun Shoot March 19 to 21, 2021 in Arizona is still a go. If you've never been, definitely a different experience from Knob Creek. You Back-Easters should check it out!
  5. A lot of confusion can be avoided and sale like this greatly expedited if the pertinent facts and details of the firearm are obtained and posted at the same time the ad is posted. At that price, the gun would have already been sold!
  6. ^^^^^ This is EXACTLY what I would be concerned about! And DON'T say it CAN'T happen...because it already has happened on numerous occasions in the past!
  7. Are you saying that the serial number was registered with the ATF before the May 1986 cutoff date, but the receiver was manufactured in 2008 with said serial number thereby making it a fully transferable machinegun?
  8. WTB: C&R MAS 38 SMG

    What did it sell for?
  9. WTB: C&R MAS 38 SMG

    Did it sell?
  10. WTB: C&R MAS 38 SMG

    One is for sale on Gunbroker.
  11. Mike was great guy to talk to and a very knowledgeable member of the firearms and class 3 community. Rest in peace Mike, you will be missed!
  12. Price range for MG 34

    I put a light coat of wax on the belts with a toothbrush before placing the rounds in the belt. Then it goes into a Ziploc bag for storage to keep dirt out. Mike told me about the wax trick several years ago. I have to say that it makes the gun run much smoother.
  13. Price range for MG 34

    Mike, as usual, provided a lot of good info here. I'll chime in with my experience. I bought a MG 34 about 5 years ago. Bolt was badly worn and so was the barrel so the gun would not function properly which was very discouraging to say the least. I bought several NOS bolts, top covers and barrels (which are hard to come by these days) and new repro recoil springs. Replaced the old worn out parts and it was like a whole different animal! Very reliable. My 34 prefers the slight looser German wartime belts and brass cased ammo. I lube the belts and cartridges with a very light coating of Johnson's floor wax. Unlike my MG 42, the 34 likes to be kept clean and well oiled to run properly. They are more finicky than a MG 42 for sure but the 34 is a joy to shoot and surprisingly accurate in semi-auto.
  14. WTB Japanese Type 99 Machinegun Flashhider

    Still looking for a Jap Type 99 Machinegun Flashhider Email or PM me: