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  1. WTB MP40 and MP41 parts

    Can be imported on an ATF Form 6. I did the same for a MG34 Patronentrommel that was in England with Dan Shea's help.
  2. WTB MP40 and MP41 parts

    Charlie, I have already checked with Bergflak (as several others have suggested on other websites) and he does not have either item in stock.
  3. WTB MP40 and MP41 parts

    DINK, thank you for the input. No one has any MP28 locking screws for sale either. The search continues...
  4. I can't find anyone stocking these parts individually for sale (trying to avoid buying an entire parts kit): MP-40 rest pin for shoulder leaf MP-41 triggerguard locking screw
  5. WTB: Transferable Galil 5.56 any flavor!!

    ^^^ Good to know!
  6. Did it sell for $100K?
  7. Passing legislation making any of this stuff illegal on the federal, state or local level could always happen. However, from a practical standpoint, enforcing such laws is another matter entirely. I've talked to several ATF agents over the years and all of them have told me that they simply don't have the manpower or resources to enforce most of laws on the books right now. In most cases, they basically target and go after the repeat, most obvious and most egregious offenders.
  8. New FedEx firearms policy

    Would a C&R FFL be valid for shipping with Fedex?
  9. Tax stamp payment method...

    I have had the CC company put a hold on ATF Form 4 payment in the past because of suspected fraud. Delayed the transfer by 1 month. Most foolproof way is to use a cashier's check but personal checks are ok too.
  10. Suspicious Web Sites - any other info?

    I've never heard of either one of them and Firearms Kings prices are way too good to be true! If you want to vet them, give them a call and ask for a proof of life picture using a Post-it note with any phrase or date of your choice stuck next the firearm's serial number.
  11. Off The Market / Please Remove

    "ATF letter (with actual serial number) will be provided to the successful buyer. Currently on a Form 4 ready for immediate transfer." The OP could go a long way in helping clear things up if he would provide a public picture of said ATF letter above!!!!!!
  12. WTK Anyone ever shoot this stuff in a MG 34

    Shot 1000s of rounds of that exact stuff through both my 34 and 42 with no problems.
  13. Is anyone still doing Sten conversions?

    I 2nd this. John does very good work!
  14. Is anyone still doing Sten conversions?

    Try John Andrewski -- (603) 630-0290.
  15. I have a fully transferable Bren Inglis made in 1942 also chambered in 303. This is s superb gun and you will not be disappointed!