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  1. M16s come down some - Morphy Auction today

  2. I suspect that the concentration of machineguns is actually much more skewed (concentrated) than most people realize. First let's look in general at how skewed U.S. gun ownership. About 30% of people own a gun in the US or about 99 million people. But 50% of all guns are owned by just 3% of the U.S. population (about 10 million people). Quite concentrated. But the transferable machinegun world is another matter entirely. There are basically 4 types of fully transferable machinegun owners: 1) Wealthy persons - usually own numerous and multiple rare machineguns (often dozens - if not hundreds or more) 2) Average income/asset individuals - usually own 1 or 2 machineguns at the most, they just can't afford to buy anymore 3) Heirs - rarely keep the machinegun which is usually quickly sold for the money at auction or to a dealer. 4) The "old" guys - "older" individuals who have acquired dozens of machineguns for decades well before the runup in prices. Hence, the wealthy and the "old" guys really have the bulk of the transferable machineguns out there. Everyone I know who owns a machinegun doesn't own just one, they own dozens or more and they are either an "old guy" or wealthy but are usually both. The incredible run up in transferable machinegun prices has made this concentration of machineguns held by just the few even more concentrated because only the wealthy can afford to buy them now. As prices continue to rise, the effect will increase. Transferable machineguns are a rich man's game. My guess is that a couple thousand wealthy/"older" individuals own the bulk (70 to 90+%) of all the transferable machineguns in the registry. And several thousand other private individuals make up the remaining ownership.
  3. WTB: Transferable M134 Minigun

    The last one I saw for sale was for $325,000 several years ago. For the right price, everything is for sale.
  4. I love the term "Personal Samples".
  5. WTS: Machine Gun Dealers Bible

    Some dated material, but still a great NFA reference source.
  6. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Shockwave Technologies makes excellent magazines for the M11 380 auto.

    Very interested. Could you send pics of the bolt face on the kit not sold? Thank you. John Dudek
  8. Looking to buy a first generation serial numbered Colt Thompson 50 round L drum. Email: Thank you
  9. I second michaelkih's request for pics and video.
  10. New in box transferables

    Can you send pics of the Georgia Mac 11 to
  11. Machine Guns are in, Prices listed

    MP-4 C&R? Or did you mean MP-40 or MP-41?
  12. WTS: Puteaux 25mm A.T. cannon

    If the gun is still for sale, could you please email me photos to Thank you, John Dudek
  13. WTB Madsen M-50 Submachinegun

    David, I sent you a PM. John
  14. WTB Madsen M-50 Submachinegun

    Looking for a fully transferable Madsen M-50 submachinegun. C&R would be plus. Thank you, John