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  1. Price range for MG 34

    I put a light coat of wax on the belts with a toothbrush before placing the rounds in the belt. Then it goes into a Ziploc bag for storage to keep dirt out. Mike told me about the wax trick several years ago. I have to say that it makes the gun run much smoother.
  2. Price range for MG 34

    Mike, as usual, provided a lot of good info here. I'll chime in with my experience. I bought a MG 34 about 5 years ago. Bolt was badly worn and so was the barrel so the gun would not function properly which was very discouraging to say the least. I bought several NOS bolts, top covers and barrels (which are hard to come by these days) and new repro recoil springs. Replaced the old worn out parts and it was like a whole different animal! Very reliable. My 34 prefers the slight looser German wartime belts and brass cased ammo. I lube the belts and cartridges with a very light coating of Johnson's floor wax. Unlike my MG 42, the 34 likes to be kept clean and well oiled to run properly. They are more finicky than a MG 42 for sure but the 34 is a joy to shoot and surprisingly accurate in semi-auto.
  3. WTB Japanese Type 99 Machinegun Flashhider

    Still looking for a Jap Type 99 Machinegun Flashhider Email or PM me:
  4. WTS Beretta 38a SMG

    PM sent.
  5. Looking for a Japanese Type 99 Machinegun Flashhider. Shoot me an email or PM me with what you've got. Thanks, Johnny D in LV
  6. Example MG sale contract

    Over the years, I've bought 40+ fully transferable machineguns from private individuals to big volume dealers. Here are my experiences: 1) Most sellers want 100% of the funds up front - but some will do 50% up front and then the other 50% when ATF approval is obtained. 2) Written acknowledgements are usually done by email (and less frequently text). Some sellers will telephone, but I usually ask for a confirmatory email because that gets the deal "in writing". Many sellers will not send a receipt unless asked to do so. 3) Guarantee of transferability - vet the seller extensively. Ask for proof of life photos and references. Don't send any money until you are satisfied that the seller is trustworthy and legitimate. 4) Penalty for backing out of a sale - I've heard of it - but good luck with that. Just get your money back and look elsewhere. Heck, if you are that worried about the seller/buyer then don't even consider doing business with them in the first place. 5) Most deals are done on a verbal agreement between buyer and seller. 6) Buying a machinegun from a private individual unknown to you can be risky but very good deals can sometimes be had. 7) Buying a machinegun from a dealer (especially a well known dealer) is much less risky because they depend so much on their reputation for their continued business. However, the price will likely be higher. 8) I'm not sure what you mean by notification of seller's heirs of pending sale. Unless, you mean that the seller dies before they ship the gun to you or your NFA dealer. I have never had this happen but I suppose it could be a problem if the decedent were a sole proprietor dealer or private individual. However, machine gun sales are a private matter and I believe that most people would prefer to be discreet and not tell anyone else about the deal. 9) For really rare/high dollar machineguns, I fly in to inspect the firearm before sending any money. If the seller declines to meet face to face, walk away from the deal. 10) Finally, if it seems to good to be true -- such as a rare or very high dollar item priced for quick sale way below fair market value -- it usually is. I hope this helps.
  7. new electronic assisted form 4's YOU BETCHA !

    Mike, I hope what you are saying will result in quicker form 4 approvals but your fast turnaround times on non-SOT form 4s may have just been an outlier. I too, have had form 4s approved in under 60 days but some have taken over 13 months. Most approvals are somewhere in between. Nevertheless, thank you for the information.
  8. HK .22 conversion kit

    If you haven't done so already, try putting a WTB ad on HKPro.
  9. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    Form 4s to dealers seem to be running 60 - 90 days. Not always, I've got one that was filed OVER A YEAR AGO.
  10. WTB: MG34

    I don't have one for sale but $30K would be a fair price.
  11. WTB Transferable Machine Guns! List Inside

    Now that is news to me. Thanks for the info.
  12. WTB Transferable Machine Guns! List Inside

    FYI, There are no fully transferable Walther MPL/Ks in the ATF registry.
  13. WTB Trommelhalter for the MG34

    I saw that on's one of the cheap repos and not the real deal.
  14. WTB Trommelhalter for the MG34

    Looking for a genuine German Trommelhalter which is the special MG34 top cover used to mount a double drum magazine instead of a belt. I'm not interested in the cheap non-German knock-off version. PM or email me: Thank you, John Dudek