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  1. Jap 99 advice needed

    One of the kids has already shot my Reising and is still grinning a year and a half later. The other kid will get his day soon. BTW, they are both excellent skeet shooters. Young eyes, young reflexes and they both have dads who can afford to buy them top of the line guns while still in high school. Kevin in NC
  2. Jap 99 advice needed

    The gun is fixed. It was a 1 minute fix that took me about an hour to figure out. The firing pin safety was installed backwards. It fits in the bolt fine either way and even looks almost the same either way. Duh. The day was not a total loss. We had a delicious lunch and shot skeet afterwards. The two teenage boys who were there will get their full auto grins and cell phone videos one weekend soon. Kevin in NC
  3. Jap 99 advice needed

    The firing pin safety is still there. I'm going to tear the gun down this afternoon and check a few more things in detail. Thanks, Kevin in NC
  4. Jap 99 advice needed

    Happy New Year everyone, I took my Jap 99 out today and it refused to fire. That's embarrassing when a crowd is watching. Sort of like my old flathead Harley that starts on the first kick when no one else is around but then won't start when others are watching. Anyway, I've had the gun since 2005, shot it a lot the first few years but it has been sitting in the back of the safe for the past 10 years or so. The gun is a 7.62 Nato conversion with the original barrel rechambered to 30.06 and the little spacer in the chamber to shoot 7.62. I don't know who did the conversion but the gun has always run fine. I'm using converted MG13 mags and converted M14 mags. It is a rewat and whoever did the reactivation did it right. Never any indication of headspace issues. Today it showed absolutely no evidence of primer strike. The gun is clean. No gunk in the gas tube or on the op rod. Locking block moves freely. Firing pin and bolt clean. The bolt goes forward with a solid thunk on an empty chamber. Round chambers and ejects with not even the slightest dimple on the primer. Of the two bolts I have, this one has greater firing pin protrusion and has always worked. Ammo is South African. It must be something simple and I can only think of 3 possibilities. 1) Weak op rod spring. 2) A little bit of gunk or dirt somewhere I missed that keeps the bolt from going fully into battery. 3) The chamber insert...either it has backed out a little preventing full chambering or it has fallen out completely allowing the round to chamber too deeply for a firing pin strike. Has anyone got any ideas? I've not contacted Bubba Naess yet. I'm hoping he see's this. Thanks, Kevin in NC
  5. Maxim 7.62 NATO / .308 conversions (any interest?)

    I think it looks interesting. I had considered it as a project for my own 08/15 and you showed it is feasible. I've also considered a conversion of my Jap 99, currently in .308 using MG13 mags, to eat some of the 7.92 surplus I have. With the way things may be going in the near future I'm not sure I want to tie up the time and money in either project. Keep posting here with updates if you continue with it. Kevin in NC
  6. What Gun Control Measures Might be Coming ?

    A cop friend of mine told me months ago that there is a general lack of enthusiasm amongst cops to kick in doors and confiscate guns. That would get a lot of cops and civilians killed. In my experience, a lot of cops are gun guys just like the rest of us. They don't want to lose their personal toys either. I've seen in the news that many county sheriffs and small town chiefs of police have publicly stated they will not enforce gun laws they consider unjust. Time will tell how that works out. Kevin in NC
  7. MG34 questions.. (becoming a 8mm ammo list)

    Look on the ammo board. Fresh post with lots of 7.92mm for sale by someone who probably knows what he's talking about.
  8. How many aks where converted by swd?

    There was a company by the name of SWC here in Wilmington, NC that converted who knows how many back in the 80's. At the time the movie studio established by Dino De Laurentis was quite active and SWC did some of the movie gun rentals. There have been a couple of SWC guns questioned here and I put the owners in contact with Sam Allen, one of the original partners in SWC. Sadly, Sam was killed not long ago in a motorcycle accident. I think he was actually sitting still at a red light in his Ural sidecar rig when he got smacked. One of the reasons I don't ride much anymore. Kevin in NC
  9. Mp44 bring back. Dismal info on legalizing it.

    Johnny Ringo, I'm no expert but when you say it was "brought back" I'm assuming that the guy was a soldier coming home from Europe. I have seen posted here several times that capture papers or other documents giving the soldier permission to bring it back (assuming he had permission) are allowed by ATF as de facto registration documents. Look at EVERY piece of paper you can find in your grandfather's stuff. You may get lucky. When we were cleaning out Mom's stuff 5 years ago my sister almost threw out a stack of random papers but decided to look and found a $25,000 life insurance policy stuck in the middle of the random pile. We found mostly useless stuff but some interesting stuff that she and Dad had accumulated since the 40's. Sadly we found no MP-44. Good luck. Kevin in NC
  10. MG08/15 in the Attic

    Having an 08/15 myself you caught my attention. Mine is not it the attic. Several years ago there was a lot of discussion here about which side plate that ATF considered to be the controlled part. Seems like it was the left plate on MG08 but the right plate on MG 08/15? Or maybe the other way around? Or maybe it was one side on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the other side on Tuesday and Thursday? All kidding aside, I don't remember exactly what the verdict was. Your hypothetical Navy buddy should do nothing before he gets an expert opinion. Contact Bob Naess at Black River Militaria. When it comes to machine guns he knows more than the ATF ever knew. Good luck, Kevin in NC USN/USNR Retired, non-hypothetical
  11. MG34 questions.. (becoming a 8mm ammo list)

    Last time I ran Ecuadoran ammo in my 08/15 about 10 years ago I had many hangfires and misfires. I bought a bunch of it from Sportsman's Guide years ago. I got a ton of Yugo stuff from them about 20 years ago that was still good. I tried some of the Ecuadoran in a M48 Yugo Mauser bolt rifle a few months ago and some of it took 3 or 4 primer strikes to fire if it even fired at all. I'm saving the rest to pull the bullets one of these days. Kevin in NC
  12. Who do you use to ship firearms?

    I forgot to add that I changed my pickup date to the following day because even though my package was at the terminal, it was "not available for pickup."
  13. Who do you use to ship firearms?

    I won 2 Colt 1903 pistols in the recent Rock Island auction. RI was very clear that they ship UPS unless requested otherwise. I have a C&R FFL and had them shipped to my home address, signature required. Rock Island shipped UPS 2nd Day Air and provided the tracking number. The package arrived in my town at 6:51 AM with delivery scheduled that day. Late in the afternoon I got an email from UPS saying my delivery was delayed but no reason was given. I changed my delivery option to pick it up at the UPS terminal the next day. Even then, I had to pick it up at a time convenient for UPS. Standing in line to get my package resulted in another story for another time. I was going to contact Rock Island for a shipping refund but the UPS website clearly says that they no longer honor shipment deadlines and will not refund charges for delayed shipments. I have had many issues with UPS over the years for both personal packages and work related packages. They really don't give a damn. Kevin in NC
  14. UZI semi sear need to be hardened?

    Yes, no, maybe so. It all depends. For a few shots, a soft sear may work fine. For many shots, maybe not. How many shots is a few? How many shots is many? A soft sear might make your semi Uzi into a full auto when it wears or breaks. I used to work as an inspector in a manufacturing facility. Almost every day I did hardness testing on stuff that had been through heat treat the previous night. All of our stuff was machined, then heat treated. If it failed the hardness test, it was scrap. If your sear is machined from pre-hardened stock then it may be okay. Or not. Looks like you are taking an SMG sear and having it machined. I would bet my left nut that SMG sear is hardened. Depending upon the material and the hardening method, it may be equally hard throughout the piece or maybe hard only on the surface in which case the machining may expose softer metal underneath. Depending upon the material, the machining method and the skill of the machinist, the piece may become either harder or softer during the machining. You might want to seek a second or third opinion on this one. Good luck, Kevin in NC
  15. Is the subguns boards down

    I still get emails every week from Frank about all the great deals to be had. I gave up on trying to login to that board sometime last year. Kevin in NC