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  1. DD's in NC???

    Form 1 finally approved! PENDING SINCE MAY 1981!!!! Well, not really May 1981 but that's when I started to plan this project. I reported to my first ship, an aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN-69 in Norfolk, VA. We called it the "Ike." I was 18 years old, had no clue about Form 1, Form 4, NFA, or any of that stuff but I saw the barrels of the M61 Vulcans on the A-7 Corsairs and F-14 Tomcats and thought to myself "I could do something with one of these barrels one day." Fast forward many years and I have a lathe, milling machine, a shaper and the skills to use them. I eventually got a 20mm barrel and no, I didn't steal it from the hangar bay of the Ike. 3 years ago I bought some acreage where I can shoot something like this. Also in those years I got 3 C&R machine guns but this is my first Form 1 and first DD. My plan is to build a mini field piece resembling the Whitworth breechloader of the Civil War. I mailed the Form 1 August 8th, check cashed August 15th, approved October 18th, received in the mail October 25th. Examiner AMEDWARDS. I never bothered ATF with questions and they never bothered me. I had plenty of other projects to keep me busy anyway. And now my '62 Panhead project will be put on the back burner yet again. Kevin in NC
  2. Is the subguns boards down

    At this point I don't know why I should even care anymore but after repeated attempts to log in and/or change my password I finally got the response below a week ago, but nothing since. Either their problems are insurmountable or they just don't care enough to even apologize. Kevin in NC Kevin Bartlett Thu, 08/15/19 11:53 pm Message: Can't log in using my old Subguns user ID and password. Ticket created while on:
  3. Is the subguns boards down

    Not that I ever posted there ( or here) very often but I just tried to log in at the Subguns/Snugbus/Gunspot/Topsnug whatever website using my old Subguns login and it asked for my email to reset the password, yet said "password reset" even though no email was received from them. Whatever... the link above works. Kevin in NC
  4. Snider Enfield parts needed

    I know the Snider is probably not the most popular gun on this site but I now have 3 and need some parts, specifically a lock and a MKIII breechblock with the associated extractor parts and maybe any other Snider bits you may have. Just so you know I'm not a total flake looking for such ancient parts on Sturm, I have machine guns too, just not looking for parts for them right now. Thanks, Kevin in NC
  5. Reising m50

    Thumpy, Hold your Reising with the muzzle to the right and read the script on top of the receiver. If you can read it, it is an earlier gun, as in late 1940 to early 1942. If it is upside down, then it is a later gun. Your low serial number range would definitely suggest 1940 or 1941. Mine has a serial number in the 12000 range and has the features of an early commercial model. The Reising Submachine Gun Story by Frank Iannamico is a good book to have. I don't know if it is still in print. Best regards, Kevin in NC
  6. Fake news, the left ,weather, no truth

    Shattered, No, I didn't miss the point. I agree that the media is not always honest and I don't believe you'll find any comments by me in this thread stating that they are honest. As for the dramatic performances by Cantore and others, I didn't see them because I had neither electricity nor internet for 5 and a half days. Cell service was slow due to the overwhelming volume of calls and texts so I couldn't get weather or news on my phone. Some people still don't have their electricity or FEMA trailers yet. In the first sentence of the original post in this thread it was stated that the storm "never happened" which is obviously false. In the second paragraph the poster admitted that yes it did happen. Too late... the lie had already been stated and all credibility was gone. I took today off to visit my property and clear some more fallen trees. On my way home, I stopped by what was left of Holland's Shelter Restaurant and talked to Steve Holland, the owner. I'm sure he and his staff watching the building come down would have felt much better knowing this "never happened" and was nothing more than "doomsday bullshit." And for any of you who think I don't get it, I DO get it. It's time to put this topic to bed. Good night all, Kevin Bartlett Wilmington, NC
  7. Fake news, the left ,weather, no truth

    Bob, I misspoke... I meant Hurricane Michael, rather than Matthew which was a couple of years ago. So, in the first sentence of your original post you stated that Hurricane Florence "never happened" then in your second paragraph stated that it did indeed happen and you "hope the federal gov will send all the help ya'll need." In your third paragraph you state that "just about every Federal gov agency has been seeded " with fruit cakes. In your response to me, you apologized which was nice but told me I missed your point and then pretty much restated your original post. You referred to "certain governmental agencies" and "the government... the deep state" using the media to effect change and "to pre-traumatize and redirect the minds/political opinions of those that might be impacted." Exactly which government agencies are here to help and which are not to be trusted? Please list them. Back to my question from last night, this time using the correct name, was Hurricane Michael also fake news and doomsday bullshit? If not, why not? It was a very bad storm. It would have been the perfect opportunity to "to pre-traumatize and redirect the minds/political opinions of those that might be impacted." In my response to your original post I stated that I was high and dry and suffered no loss other than a drowned tractor, riding mower and had some downed timber. The riding mower was a POS anyway, so no real loss there. Timber loss on my land (40 miles from my house) was minimal and the tractor I recovered, repaired and returned to service in better condition than before. I used it today to drag some of the trees out of my way. No, I'm not suffering traumatic effects from the flood. The tractor needed a good servicing anyway. Your suggestion that I seek counseling to work things out was most kind. Perhaps you should heed your own advice. Best regards, Kevin Bartlett Wilmington, NC
  8. Fake news, the left ,weather, no truth

    Just curious... was Hurricane Matthew also fake news? Doomsday bullshit? Best regards, Kevin in Wilmington, NC
  9. Fake news, the left ,weather, no truth

    R.L., I've read many of yours posts on various subjects and like you, I despise the Obamas and Clintons and I'm disgusted by the left wing media, illegal aliens, etc. but your comment that this storm reporting was nothing more than "doomsday bullshit" has really pissed me off. Yes I know you said that you're not trying to minimize the suffering of those here, and I've read and re-read your post, and maybe I'm just tired, or maybe I've had one beer too many (but I'll still have one more) but somehow I still can't quite seem to take it any other way than an insult. The only reason you're reading this is that I'm one of the lucky ones who got power and internet restored after only 5 and a half days. Some are looking at weeks, or never for restoration. Some people seem to neither know nor care of the seriousness of the situation in SE North Carolina. It is getting worse. I drove a section of US 421 yesterday that was dry, but the Cape Fear River is still rising and today that same section of road was flooded. Tomorrow? I'm heading in a different direction tomorrow to clear a downed tree for a co-worker. Sunday morning I was standing in floodwater, in the rain with a chainsaw clearing the trees that fell on a neighbor's house. It wasn't doomsday, but it certainly wasn't bullshit. It was reality. Was that you helping me? No it was Iain the skinny, tattooed biker from down the street. Or the tree on the neighbor's house 4 doors down, was that you helping us? No, I didn't think so. Or that other tree? Or that other tree? Or that other tree? Not bullshit, but reality. You want to talk "doomsday bullshit?" Let me give you the phone numbers of the Chadwicks or the Piners, people I know in Pender County whose houses (along with hundreds, if not thousands) are flooded. Not just a few inches on the floor, but FUCKING SUBMERGED to the roofline or above. I believe that they would strongly disagree with your assessment that the reporting was "bullshit." I own land adjacent to the Piners and Chadwicks and I'm fortunate that I lost no more than a riding mower, a tractor and maybe a few downed trees. They lost homes, while I'm still high and dry here in Wilmington. When the flood waters recede, do you mind driving down from VA and helping me help them? And I'd like some help recovering my tractor, which I hope to dry out and get running again. So now about an hour after I started typing this reply, I've had one more beer, received yet another photo of just how bad the flooding is (but couldn't attach it) and I've read your post once more and I still feel that your post was in poor taste. There is a time for political finger pointing and this is not that time. People have died, people have lost homes, and the misery is far from over. There is a time for talk and there is a time for action. So please sir, either take action or STFU. Best regards, Kevin Bartlett Wilmington, NC
  10. Value of mg13 magazines

    I have a Jap 99 that was converted to 7.62 Nato and it came with a metal carrier full of converted MG13 mags. 7 of the 8 work really well. I don't need yours right now but you might get some interest from some of the other Jap 99 folks, whomever they might be. I have no idea what they might be worth. Kevin in NC
  11. Foundry willing to cast single piece items

    Besides guns, one of my other addictions is hit & miss engines. Along with antique tractors, British sports cars, antique motorcycles, etc. Try posting your request on this website... A lot of the antique engine guys need oddball one-off parts cast in brass or cast iron for engine restoration. There are folks there who do small casting jobs or know other folks who do such jobs. I've got a few items I need to cast in brass myself but my forge has been cold for about 3 years now. Too many irons in the fire. No pun intended. Good luck, Kevin in Wilmington, NC
  12. WTK M1 carbine ammo ID

    I tried posting on the ammo board but couldn't. I found some more M1 carbine ammo in my stash. The box is marked Interarms MW-938. The cartridge is marked 1-62 at 12 o'clock, BD at 3 o'clock, 7.62 at 6 o'clock and VE at 9 o'clock. Can anyone tell me what I've got and is it corrosive? Thanks, Kevin in NC
  13. DD's in NC???

    Thanks Josh. I might as well give it a try. I figure that the soon-to-be implemented no cleo signature policy coupled with the soon-to-be Clinton misadministration means that BATFE will be so overloaded that it will take several years for my form to be approved, if even then. That should give me time to take care of some other projects in the meantime. Best regards, Kevin in NC
  14. DD's in NC???

    I know that North Carolina got a bit friendlier towards NFA a couple of years ago. I live in NC, have 3 C&R machine guns and have my C&R license... nothing more. Can I as an individual file a Form 1 to build a DD or would I be wasting my time? I'm considering a miniature wheeled field piece in 20mm. I've got too many projects already but I have a barrel and I have that itch. Any thoughts? Thanks, Kevin in NC