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  1. Reising Mag identification/value

    Dave, I have 4 original mags, all of which have 4 lines of script rather than the 2 lines as shown on yours. Only one of my four has the 5 view holes in the side. Overall length 6-7/8". Neither of my Christie 30's are marked. I believe there was someone else making repro 20 round mags several years ago. You may some of them, or maybe yours are original made by a contractor other than H&R. I don't have a clue what a fair price would be these days. If your buyer declines them then contact me, I may be interested. Kevin in NC
  2. Lewis MG .303

    That's not McQueen. I believe that is Gavin McLeod who found later fame on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat. I've read the book several times and have the movie on VHS. It's very long, 2 tapes and I've not watched it in years. My VCR still works so I need to watch it again. Back in the 80's I met a crusty old fart who had been a China Marine in the 30's. He told me that the Sand Pebbles was very accurate in its portrayal of China in the years prior to WWII. I know nothing about the Lewis but I know I've always wanted one and should have bought one when they were cheaper. Kevin in NC
  3. Did anyone else shoot NFA today?

    I know what you mean about being "that guy." I have 30 acres, mostly wooded, with about a mile of trails. I work in the office weekdays so Saturdays are my days to get things done there. Some days it is so peaceful I hate to even start the tractor. Other days there is so much gunfire from nearby tracts that it sounds like a war. Sometimes Tannerite. I have a friend who hunts my land and shares the venison with me. He usually hunts during the week when things are less noisy. I usually curtail my shooting during deer season in consideration of him, but I can't help what the neighbors do. I generally try not to be "that guy" but sometimes there are those "other guys." Kevin in NC
  4. Did anyone else shoot NFA today?

    I own some land in the country about 40 miles from me. My wealthy neighbor there has 100 acres and a weekend house on the creek. He invited me along with several dozen of his friends and family. We busted clays before lunch and then after we stuffed ourselves with roasted pig, I introduced several young men and one young lady to their first full auto experience with a Jap 99. Plenty of full auto grins and several "how is that even legal?" questions. Kevin in NC
  5. Reising 50 questions

    I stand corrected on the Form 5 but I stand by my other statements. Kevin in NC
  6. Reising 50 questions

    I agree that leaving things as they are is sometimes but not always the best course of action. Before changing the mag springs I frequently had failures to feed the last 2 or 3 rounds of a 20 round mag. Stiffer mag springs corrected that. Changing springs should be within the capabilities of any Reising owner. It is relatively cheap and does not permanently alter the gun. Frank states in his book on pages 193-194 "This spring kit will prove invaluable for putting new life back into a tired Reising." There are competent gunsmiths who know the Reising and I mean no disrespect to them but why Form 5 your gun to a gunsmith and wait weeks or months to get it back when you might just be able to fix it yourself in 15 minutes? When you get your gun, take it to the range and shoot it. If it works fine, then great. If not, field strip it and see if you can figure it out. You need to learn how your gun works anyway. Good luck. Keep us informed. Kevin in NC
  7. Reising 50 questions

    I saw that post several years ago. After that I made a couple of pins a bit shorter. I don't shoot it as much as I used to which may explain why I've not broken a firing pin in a long time. Mine used to run great on the steel cased Wolf when that stuff was available cheap. Kevin in NC
  8. Reising 50 questions

    To the original poster... now that you've bought one, while you're waiting for the transfer to be completed buy Frank's book, any mags you can find (especially originals), firing pins and a Wolf spring kit. Years ago I paid $3500 for a 1942 blued Reising, 4 original 20 rd. mags, Fed Labs hard case and what is probably a Thompson cleaning rod. At the time I probably paid too much but time has corrected that mistake. When I took it to the range the first time the gun ran like shit. A new Wolf spring kit made it run better. New, stiff springs in the old mags made it run even better. It still has hiccups now and then but it is a Reising so it can be expected. The original firing pins do break easily. I have a lathe so I made a bunch of spares and always take a couple of extras to the range. Let us know how it goes. Good luck, Kevin in NC
  9. Reising 50 questions

    Mine works most of the time and when it does it is great fun. Shooting singles on semi, it is very accurate at 50 yds. Kevin in NC
  10. Cast lead in a full auto Thompson

    When I shot cast bullets in my Reising they functioned fine but I had to scrape the lead from the upper grooves in the compensator after every range visit. I don't know how much built up inside. Kevin in NC
  11. Replacing springs on a Reising Model 50

    Replacing the springs is not difficult and is well worth the effort. Doing so made mine run better but still not perfect. I found that replacing all the magazine springs also helped the overall reliability of the gun. I used Christie 30 rd. springs cut in half to replace the springs in my 20 round mags. I believe Mr. Christie has been retired for quite some time so I don't know a source for 30 round springs. I don't have a video for you but I think if you replace only one spring, that would be the recoil spring. As far as I recall, you have to run the action bar way down and insert a pin or punch in a cross hole in the guide rod, or whatever it is called. Then you have to release the pin while holding everything so the spring doesn't shoot off into the stratosphere. Getting the new spring on, compressed on the rod, and the pin reinstalled will be a minor PITA but needs to be done. Let us know how it goes. Good luck, Kevin in NC
  12. MG34 questions.. (becoming a 8mm ammo list)

    Today I finally tried some of the Ecuadoran surplus powder that I had pulled from the duds. I had a dozen once-fired S&B and Privi cases and based on the 44.7 grains per cartridge noted above, I loaded 6 with 40 grains and 6 with 36 grains. I used the original Ecuadoran bullets. They all shot fine, reduced recoil, accuracy about as good as my tired eyes can get with that tiny rear sight groove on the Mauser. One of these days I will load some more and see if they cycle through my FN-49. This powder is definitely worth saving. Kevin in NC
  13. This ATF Proposed Rule on Receivers is Huge

    So if my semiauto Bushmaster suddenly becomes a machinegun under the proposed new definition, could I go ahead and make it fully automatic? They say it's a machinegun, so why not? Of course the answer would be NO because that would be making a new machinegun. It's all political BS.
  14. Future of NFA items

    Don't spend a dime on NFA or anything else unless you are willing to lose that money. I just went under contract yesterday on another piece of overpriced acreage just to have it. I may never see a dime of profit from it. Or maybe my land will be seized and redistributed to those who presumably deserve it more than I. Or maybe that Chinese rocket booster will fall on my head and kill me. Has that thing crashed yet anyway? Think about it but not so much that your head explodes. As said above, it's all speculation. Good luck, Kevin in NC
  15. I used to stop at the local Sportsman's Warehouse for ammo but it got to be a waste of time so I stopped going months ago. Due to recent issues with bobcats and democrats in my area I decided I needed to mount a gun rack on my tractor. I always have a gun in the truck but when I'm bush hogging, chainsawing, etc, the truck is not close by. I stopped by SW today to get some ATV gun mounts for the Kubota and the ammo situation has improved but nothing that I couldn't live without. I was pleasantly surprised when the young man behind the counter asked if I needed any large pistol primers. Well hell yes I'll take some primers. Kevin in NC Rabid bobcat a few miles to my west. I have furry critters in my woods from squirrels to bears and everything in between. A few miles to my east. They took the guns and money so I assume they were democrats.