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  1. interested, u have better photos of one nice one with light?
  2. WTB Drop in Auto Sear

    I have one if interested deveyarms@icloud.com
  3. WTB: M-11 .380, and Sten

    I have a really nice one heres photo
  4. Or best offer, don't think you will find a nicer one done right. Thanks for looking.
  5. Still Available and one of the nicest I ever seen.
  6. Transferable PAWS ZX7SS on two Form 4s in TN (MG and suppressor are separate stamps - it's a two stamp gun). This is a Sterling copy, in .45acp, and integrally suppressed. $15000 It is nearly in perfect condition. Fully transferable select fire and suppressed up graded by John Andrewski of Stan's Gun smithing. Owner before had Stan's gun shop replace and up grade with sterling stock, locking end cap, sights, forearm, optic sight base, and refinishing. This was during the time when Andrewski was building all those DLO tubes with original Sterling kits. Suppressor built by Doug Melton of SRT Arms (these MG are quieter than the originals). If you need more photos or questions feel free to email or call 615-372-4923 deveyarms@icloud.com, there are two tax stamps, buyer pays shipping and tax stamps.
  7. SPF Drop In Auto Sear (RDIAS) M16 MG

  8. SPF Drop In Auto Sear (RDIAS) M16 MG

    Yes it works with the Colt 901 in 308 or 556....
  9. Up for sale is a Ready Drop in Auto Sear, these rarely come up for sale. RDIAS are the most difficult to find and very sought after, as most people hold onto them (they don't want to sell) as you can covert many different AR-15 lowers into machine guns / full auto using a DIAS. They will convert any Mil Spec AR-15 lower into a Machine Gun, Including the Colt 901 (AR10 in 308 cal). The RDIAS is built by Broadhead Armory, one of the best Manufacture (RDIAS) to own. The main body is of aircraft aluminum with the sear made of steel (heat treated steel), the only part that could possibly wear. I've never had any issues with it firing from in any of my SBR in 9mm, 45 acp, 5.56, and AAC 300 blackout uppers, from several different brand lowers. The Colt 901 AR-10 can also be used with this DIAS, and use the AR-10 Colt lower with multiple caliber uppers. Ive seen them advertised for more than that (rarely do these come up for sale), the price of RDIAS continued to keep increasing in price, don't let this one pass you up. Not to long ago someone had one listed at 40k and another person listed there's at 35k. You can email me direct deveyarms@icloud.com, I am a License FFL dealer out of Nashville, TN., RDIAS is on a form 4, Funds up front via wire transfer or check to start paper work. Buyer pays tax stamp to your dealer and shipping / insurance.
  10. How much would you pay for a Aug???