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  1. WTB: MP40 parts

    Have you checked Bergflak? Best regards Tommy
  2. If you need a different bolt part or WaA, you can always sent me a message. (if I can't help you now, I might can later on) I don't have bolt handles. Best regards Tommy
  3. Up I still have some slings. ($125+19 sh) The Mp38 speed loader is also available.
  4. wts K98 k armorers bolt parts: Cocking pieces safeties German WWII WaA37-135-140-655 I found a box with armorers parts, these have often WaA marks, but no serial number. (not sanded out serial numbers) This is what I have for sale: (multiple of each available, all in excellent condition: original bluing) Most common available markings: Safeties: $35 each (4 pieces or more become $30 each) - WaA37 (limited available) - WaA135 - WaA655 Cocking pieces: $29 each (4 pieces or more become $25 each) - WaA140 - WaA655 - No marks Ask me for specific photos! Shipping (insured airmail with tracking information): - Worldwide: $19 (USA, Canada, Japan etc.) (average duration: 7-12 business days) (1x shipping cost for multiple small parts) - Same amount shipping cost for customers in the EU (actual cost are lower, but I pay more taxes on your sale) Best regards Tommy
  5. I'll get more T&E / pintle sets, as well as new tripods next week. So sent me an email or PM your email address and I show you photos when they get here. These are all in used condition. If you want one that is extremely good looking, I get these for about $150 extra. (but I rarely sell these, most people are happy with the used condition) Best regards Tommy