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  1. Machine gun for 6k?

    I have sten package for 7,250...
  2. WTB: M-11 .380, and Sten

    Sending PM...
  3. RPB M11-380 w/Extras

  4. Transferable Machine Guns for sale

    What model thompson?
  5. WTS: Cobray Mac-11 9mm Package

  6. A+++ Great transaction Easy communication, shipping, very satisfied. Thank you!!!
  7. WTB: M16A1 and AK-47 - Transferable

    check out if you want a good laugh....45k for an m16a1
  8. WTB Colt M16A1

    Still looking
  9. Colt M16A1, Rifle, Original Colt

    I could do 26...
  10. WTB Colt M16A1

    Looking for an excellent condition M16A1 in the ~25k range
  11. Everywhere is saying Bump of his slide stock etc are out. I haven't seen anything that shows NFA related
  12. Trust Form 4 Approvals

    Anyone have a Trust Form 4 approved recently? Running out of distractions while I wait...NFATracker hasn't had a Trust post in some time.
  13. WTS Colt AR-15 Machine Gun

    Just curious...4 way selector switch? Did you install a new kit..and if so...who made it.