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  1. Colt SP1 RR M16 - $18,500

  2. Bridgeport M1A1 Thompson, very good condition, original wood and finish. - $22,995 US Property Marked Savage "S" marked parts Non-matching upper/lower Includes: 3 - 30 round mags with pouch 5 - 20 round mags with pouch Brand new extra barrel I can provide any other pics and info!
  3. Colt SP1 RR M16 - $18,500

    TTT! This thing is gorgeous. Pm for info
  4. Colt SP1 RR M16 - $18,500

  5. WTS Lage Max-11k

  6. Lage Max 11k excellent condition -$700 3 lug adaptor
  7. 1 Used 556 Flash Hider (ASR) 1/2x28 - $40 Can send pics
  8. FS M11/9 bolt, upper, barrel

  9. Colt SP1 RR M16 - $18,500

    Colt SP1 RR on a From 4 in VA - $18.5 + Shipping I will cover first stamp if out of sate. comes with 2 uppers - 12.5" large pin DD upper with DD barrel and 14.5" upper Giessele SSF Trigger Magpul stock Spikes LPK T3 Buffer ASR Flash Hider Flip up rear sight Colt is on the F4, not sure who did original conversion BUT lower was redone and sear holes were redone/reinforced by Victor @ US Anodizing - built like a tank now and beautiful. PM for more pics/info
  10. WTS Sionics suppressor

    M11 SPF. can still available
  11. I have 7 MP40 mags for sale. $125 each shipped. will add pictures soon
  12. FS M11/9 bolt, upper, barrel