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  1. AR15/M16 Hand Guards for rifles with M203 Grenade Launcher Military Rifle Length with leaf sight $135.00 shipped Military Carbine Length with leaf sight $135.00 shipped Knight Armament M5 rail used with rail covers $135.00 shipped Knight Armament M5 rail new surplus $150.00 shipped M249 railed hand guard used surplus $ 125.00 shipped USPS Money Order or Pay Pal Thanks Jeff
  2. WTS M10 45acp Powder Springs / RPD over stamp $7500.00 Will transfer on form 4 from GA first tax paid buyer pays shipping and insurance. Plastic grip is broken but will be replaced before shipping it broke while the gun was sitting in the box. This gun has been fired but is very nice. Thanks Jeff
  3. WTS M10 45acp Powder Springs/ RPD

    Sold pending funds. Thanks Jeff
  4. It’s an original USGI surplus. I haven’t seen many of these. Thanks Jeff
  5. WTS M2 Browning 50 cal

    WTS M2 Browning 50 caliber machine gun. US gun built on a Chasin side plate, does not have internal bolt hold open installed. Gun will transfer on form 4 from GA first tax paid $36,500.00 Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Thanks Jeff
  6. WTS SWD converted Polytech AKS-223 like new. Gun will come with a new 7.62x39 barrel and bolt it will transfer on a form 4 from GA fIrst tax paid $29,500.00 Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Thanks Jeff
  7. WTS Ruger KAC556F

    Like new Ruger KAS556F for sale this gun is possibly unfired but I don’t have the box. It will transfer on a form 4 from GA first transfer paid. Buyer pays shipping and insurance $15,500.00 Thanks Jeff
  8. I have a few parts I don’t know what they are. One appears to be a buffer but what’s it for? Thanks Jeff
  9. AR/M16 Hand guards for rifles with M203 grenade launcher Rifle with leaf sight $135.00 shipped carbine with leaf sight 135.00 shipped Kinght Armament M5 rails. Used with covers 135.00 shipped New surplus 150.00 shipped Used M249 Railed hand guard 125.00 shipped
  10. The (New) Grand Old Lady...

    I’m glad to see this book is finally going to happen. I currently own the Portuguese vickers featured in the original Grand Old Lady of No Mans Land and will definitely buy a copy of the new book. I can’t understand why it is being marketed through Kickstarter # Black Lives Matter. They are some great people involved in writing and publishing this book but it concerns me to what else I may be helping fund. Thanks Jeff
  11. WTB: Boys Anti Tank .50 or .55

    I have a US Property marked one in the original .55 caliber. It’s a very nice gun with harmonica muzzle brake let me know if you’re interested. Thanks Jeff
  12. Cz factory threaded barrels

    Received barrel today looks great. Thanks PM sent
  13. Cz factory threaded barrels

    I’ll take a CZ75 barrel. PM sent Thanks Jeff
  14. I need an original US&S mainspring housing and slide stop. Thanks
  15. That's fine. Consider it sold. I need your address. Thanks
  16. I will take it. Let me know how to pay. Thanks Jeff