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  1. The MP40 kit is sold pending funds. Thanks Jeff
  2. Sorry guys I posted this with no text. The MP40 kit is for sale with 2 80% receiver tubes and 1 new front trunion. I may separate this but prefer to sell together. $3500 for all shipped. Thanks Jeff
  3. FOUND ONE Stock for Steyr SSG 69

    It appears to have fallen on the butt of the stock. Looking at the pictures the scope slid about 3/4” to the rear in the rings. Unless the scope was previously mounted on another gun. Thanks Jeff
  4. death during transfer?

    It can be canceled even if it has been approved as long as the physical transfer hasn’t happened yet.
  5. Can anyone identify this Pintle Mount?

    Just to throw another curve in to this. I think it may be part of the hand operated transversing and elevation system to a artillery piece. Just a thought. Good luck in your search and let us know what you find out.
  6. I have a Surefire brake for the 6.8 spc if that’s the one your looking for. Thanks Jeff
  7. WTB: Boys Anti Tank gun in .55

  8. Found what I was looking for- Thanks !

    PM Sent. Thanks Jeff
  9. WTS - M3 Greasegun Mags

    I’ll take them. Thanks Jeff
  10. According to the box it’s Stainless not Nickel
  11. WTS M2 Browning 50 cal

  12. WTS Polytech AK Fixed Stock

  13. WTS Ruger KAC556F

  14. New Chinese Flat Back Magazines AK47 30 round 7.62X39mm $40 each plus Shipping New Chinese Norinco 84s Magazines 30 round 5.56mm/223 $90 each plus Shipping New SKS 20 round fixed box magazine original Chinese $150 each Shipped i will accept USPS money orders or Pay Pal Friend and Family. Thanks Jeff