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  1. WTS: Catco 1919

  2. WTS: MG42

    I am still waiting to hear back from ATF.
  3. WTS: MG42

    Yes sir. It is still for sale.
  4. WTS: Catco 1919

  5. WTS: MG42

  6. WTS: MG42

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  7. WTS: Catco 1919

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  8. WTS: Catco 1919

    Potential buyer stopped communication, so this is back up for sale.
  9. WTS: MG42

    I haven't "mounted a full offensive" or made an sarcastic comments. I took everyone's advice and have stated that I am attempting to find all the information that has been requested. As for the tripod/mount, I stand corrected and have fixed the ad.
  10. WTS: MG42

    A FOIA request was sent today. As soon as that information comes back, I will post it so there will no confusion as to the status of this gun.
  11. WTS: MG42

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  12. WTS: Catco 1919

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  13. WTS: MG42

    Manufacture information added to clarify the rewat status.
  14. WTS: MG42

    My brother and I are not experts with all the ins and outs of NFA guns. He bought this gun in the early 2000's, so he is definitely not the original owner and does not know the entire history of this gun. With the information you provided, I will have him do some research with ATF and try to figure out exactly what this gun's history is and post what we find out so any potential buyer knows exactly what they are getting and what the options are when it comes to the C&R status. Sorry for any confusion.
  15. WTS: MG42

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