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  1. C&R Colt MG52A .50cal watercooled machinegun. Gun was just completely updated by Bob Landies at Ohio Ordnance so the vast majority of internal parts are new. Comes with standard mount and also includes soft mount (pictured with gun). All parts in the picture are included. 1,000 rounds of linked .50 ammo is also included. Purchaser has the option of also buying ~20,000 rounds of 50 cal ammo (ball, API & APIT) at reasonable price. Form 3 in Texas. Contact for details. $50,000 plus actual shipping costs. Pickup available in the Dallas, Texas area.
  2. WTS: Marlin BAR pre-sample $9,800

    Price updated and reduced to $9,800
  3. WTS: Marlin BAR pre-sample $9,800

    No, had a few deals fall through and it never sold. Sorry about the question about the barrel. I never saw that for some reason. I'd say the barrel is in average condition for a gun that age. Someone that knows more about them than me inspected it in the store and they described it as about normal. Not great but not bad basically if that makes sense. Thanks
  4. WTS: DLO Sterling MK2

    DLO Sterling MK2 in excellent condition. I've fired a few thousand rounds since buying it in 2005. Form 3 in Texas. $13,500
  5. Pre-1986 dealer sample American 180 M2. I got this in a trade with Kent Lomont in December of 2006. I loaded what you can see in the pictures of the drum and quickly decided it took too long to load. Never fired by me. Comes as pictured with drum, winder and manual. $5,500 Form 3 in Texas. Pictures located at the below album link:
  6. WTS: Marlin BAR pre-sample $9,800

    Price reduced to $10,500
  7. WTS: Chinese T24 Maxim $24,000

    Price reduced to $24,000
  8. WTS: IMI Mini Uzi pre-sample $7,900

    Price reduced to $7,900
  9. WTS: Marlin BAR pre-sample $9,800

    Price reduced to $12,500
  10. WTS: HK MP5A3 pre-sample $14,500

    Pics added and price reduced to $14,500.
  11. WTS: HK MP5A3 pre-sample $14,500

    Price reduced to $15,000
  12. Price reduced to $37,000 OBO
  13. WTS: DWM 1898 Argentine Brass Maxim $40,000

    Price reduced to $40,000
  14. WTS: Chinese T24 Maxim $24,000

    Price reduced to $27,000
  15. WTS: Marlin BAR pre-sample $9,800

    Price reduced to $15,000