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  1. WTS S&W 76

    To the top. $13,000 with one original S&W magazine. Excellent condition.
  2. MP5-SD SBR

    Had a different item sell so no longer need to sell this one. I am pulling this off the market for now. Thanks for the interest.
  3. MP5-SD SBR

    Semi Auto sear ready host MP5-SD. Two stamps. SBR and Silencer. Originally an HK 94 converted to MP5-SD by Curtis Higgins of S&H in 1986. Engraved on right tang with S&H and left tang with Flemming. Recently divorced from Flemming sear by Form 1. Silencer by S&H. Comes with no mags. On Form 4 in KY. Price $10,000
  4. HK 93

  5. HK 93

    HK93 - $5,000 Sear ready. IA code (1980 I believe). Paddle mag release. Bipod and one magazine included.
  6. WTS S&W 76

    To the top. Price change: $13,000 with one S&W magazine.
  7. "five original mags"? Because that doesn't appear to be an original mag in the gun. Where's the pics?
  8. WTS S&W 76

    I could not get the pics into the add so here is a link to an album some pics. PM me for more pics and videos. I have sold other guns on this site and can provide references.
  9. WTS S&W 76

    For sale Smith & Wesson 76 with 10 mags and speed loader setup with 14 clips and charger. 2 original S&W 76 mags 6 MK760 mags and 3 Suomi mags some may need some minor fitting. Form 4 in Kentucky. Buyer to pay actual shipping, registered mail. Price $13,500. References available. Additional pics and videos available.
  10. Benelli M1 Super 90s

    What is the barrel length and capacity?
  11. I have a Group Ind. lower myself. They are fantastic. Stainless steel so will last forever. Nice mg. Good luck with sale.
  12. Winchester M1-D Garand

    Still available. Best M1-D on the market.
  13. Winchester M1-D Garand

    Torin, I sent you an email.