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  1. Are you interested in selling the M1 barrel? I need one.
  2. Smith Wesson 76 with AWC Suppressor $9500.00

    Where's the pics of the can?
  3. smith for M16

    What form do you submit to ship an mg to a smith? Form 3?
  4. smith for M16

    Any suggestions on a gunsmith to work on an old group industries m16 to bring it into spec and make it function properly? Tight magwell and the bolt does not lock back on empty.
  5. help with machinegunboards

    Thank you sir.
  6. Is anyone here a mod at I have been waiting for a couple days for them to approve my registration so I can participate but nothing is happening. It also will not allow me to send messages to the mods since my account has not been activated yet. Any suggestions? I've got a few thompson questions I want to post up over there.
  7. Thompson M1 Value

    What is an Auto Ordnance Thompson M1 worth these days? In terms of value, where does the M1 rank v. the M1A1 and v. the other models?
  8. Making a MG into SBR?

    Thank you for the reply. Is this the general consensus? Does anyone have a differing opinion? I think that is the correct answer but does anyone have any authority to rely upon? I sure don't want to make presumptions about something as important as nfa rules.
  9. Making a MG into SBR?

    If you own a registered transferable M16 mg do you need anything additional to put a short barrel on it? Must you do a new form 1 to make it into a SBR? Would you need to engrave info on it in addition to what's already on the MG paperwork? What about Uzi's and other subguns which already have barrel under 16" does their paperwork list MG and SBR or just MG?
  10. WTB: S&W 76/MK 760 Magazines

    I am looking for some also. There were two very expensive MK mags at knob creek and lots of swedish K mags for $20 to $30. First post. HELLO Sturmgwehr boards!