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  1. Winchester M1-D Garand

    Still available. Best M1-D on the market.
  2. Winchester M1-D Garand

    Torin, I sent you an email.
  3. Synthetic ammo issues mac 10

    Sounds like the ammo is reloads with too much powder. Not many other causes for blown casings.
  4. Transfer from Estate to Named Beneficiary

    The term Beneficiary really is only used in a trust situation, but the context seems more like you're talking about a will or transfer from an estate. If you are speaking of transfer pursuant to a will or intestate estate administration then the proper term is probably Heir. If that's the case then yes, fingerprint cards and photos needed for Form 5 if it's pursuant to a will. If it''s going through an estate but not by will then I think it's still a form 4.
  5. Powder Springs Mac 10

    This is SPF.
  6. Powder Springs Mac 10

    I responded by PM. Let's move this thing.
  7. Powder Springs Mac 10

    Let's clear this one out. Price Bump to $7,100
  8. Is the mag inserted correctly in those pics? Is that because it's not a valmet mag?
  9. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    You don't wait on your sheriff anymore. You don't need his signature. You just send them the Copy #3 (CLEO copy) at the same time you send in Copies 1 and 2 to the ATF. Read the instructions on the Form 4 application to transfer. The instructions set it out clearly.
  10. Powder Springs Mac 10

    Bump. Pics, videos, proof, etc available.
  11. Powder Springs Mac 10

    Powder Springs Mac 10 Great condition early manufacture Powder Springs Mac 10 in 45acp. $7,500. 1972 manufacture. Three original Mac mags, large vented barrel shroud, wire stock, front strap and hanger, Mac mag loader, cleaning rod and instruction manual. Runs great. Looks great. Plenty of references available. PM me for pics, videos, proof of life, etc. On Form 4 in KY.
  12. I have two AAC 51T flash hider mounts for sale. $75 shipped each. Advanced Armament Co (AAC) Blackout Flash Hider 51-Tooth Ratchet Suppressor Mount 5.56mm AR-15 1/2"-28 Thread Steel Matte. Each have been shot only one or two times.
  13. Retracted

  14. WTS Ruger AC556-F

  15. WTS Ruger AC556-F

    Called and texted you. Call me back.