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  2. WTS Ruger AC556-F

  3. WTS Ruger AC556-F

    Called and texted you. Call me back.
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  5. WTS Ruger AC556-F

    Ruger AC-556-F $11,500 13" blued folder in excellent condition. safe, semi, 3 round bust, and auto. On Form 4 in KY. Message me for pics, videos, proof of life, etc. References available.
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    References available.
  10. M1D Garand sniper. Winchester. M84 scope and mount. Both original and correct in my opinion. Correct leather cheek piece. Original and correct in my opinion. M2 Hart flash hider. Original and correct in my opinion. $5,000 M1 and accessories are in excellent condition. Fired 80 rounds and no malfunctions. Pics and or video on request. Test fire and inspection available. References available. Location: Louisville, KY
  11. Retracted

  12. Are you interested in selling the M1 barrel? I need one.
  13. Smith Wesson 76 with AWC Suppressor $9500.00

    Where's the pics of the can?
  14. smith for M16

    What form do you submit to ship an mg to a smith? Form 3?
  15. smith for M16

    Any suggestions on a gunsmith to work on an old group industries m16 to bring it into spec and make it function properly? Tight magwell and the bolt does not lock back on empty.