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  1. wtb 40mm

    looking for some m203 ammo let me know what you have and prices.
  2. WTB surplus ammo in bulk

  3. WTB surplus ammo in bulk

  4. WTB surplus ammo in bulk

    Hello I am in the market for surplus ammo in these calibers. 9mm 30 carbine 5.56 762x39 762x51 762x54r 8mm 30.06. let me know what you have how much you have and pricing.
  5. Hello I am in the market for some surplus ammo. Let me know what you have and prices If you are local in Maryland I can pick up if located in pa or va I could meet half ways. looking for 762x51/308 762x54r 762x39 30 carbine 8mm 223/556 50 cal 762x25. also trying to track down some m73 training rockets or something similar. will be willing to pay for shipping also if its not outrageus. jon
  6. how much of this do you have?
  7. Hello all I am in the market for some surplus ammo mostly 5.56 762x39 762x54r 762x51 30 carbine let me know what you have and how much and price. mostly looking for the 5.56 and 762x54r and the 762x39 the others are just a plus. Also looking for a good dshk kits. thanks jon
  8. will they be shipped out in the drums in the photos?
  9. m190 sub cal kits

    Hello I was wondering if any one new any where to get the sub cal rockets for the law m72? Ive called a few places that where Recommended to me and none of them either new what I was talking about, or they did know and they didnt have any in stock. thanks
  10. dshk

    looking for either a dshk parts kit or a post sample.
  11. wGAHHW

    the Ruger mk2 is that one of the rare full auto one that are out there? any chance I could see a picture of it? thanks jon
  12. Portuguese 308 Winchester for sale

    how many do you have and are you willing to make a better deal if all is taken in one lot? jon
  13. 20mm 25mm cannons

    Hello I am looking for a breach loading cannon in active or demilled what are the going prices?

    how much do you want for the 2000 south african ball and the powder and 30000 lc/pmj brass?