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  1. WTB original ww2 m2 50

    Looking to purchase original m2 50 more interested in a ac spark plug or colt but open to others as well Please let me know what you have
  2. WTS transferrable 1919A4 and 1919A6

    Good Im john from DJS FIREARMS LLC. im interested in both . im a class 10 FFL I can be reached at 860 799 6315 . thank you
  3. Thompson display case. SOLD

    i would like to purchase this please i can be reached 860 799 6315
  4. M134 GCU

    Up for sale is crane tech m134 GCU (gun control unit) has plugs for both clutch and 4 pin motor along with approx 4 ft of cable to connect to batteries $4500.00
  5. M134 clutch

    Up for sale is a m134 clutch. Very good condition. Operates best with single speed motor and 3000rpm gear head $8500.00
  6. LAR Grizzly MkIV 44 magnum

    Best price?
  7. WTS Taylor Sten Tube Virgin $6500

    Interested please pm me
  8. WTS: Saco Defense M60 Trunion - Made in 1967

    Still available?
  9. Ramo 50 Bmg

    perfect condition Ramo M2 50 Bmg barrel and tripod available at additional cost internals show little wear and all rivets are tight beautiful piece ready to ship on form 3 efile $36,500.00 DJS Firearms LLc
  10. Original Colt 1921 Thompson

    Up for sale is and original 21 Thompson. Seems to be owned by Dallas PD and only one other person before I obtained it. Early reproduction FBI case and later mfg mags and drum all in beautiful condition wood was branded by the police department along with all matching parts. also has original barrel with no bulging and a long life of rifling left total package $53,500.00 DJS Firearms LLc New Milford CT
  11. Sterling 9mm

    Stemple tube Sterling like new condition. finish is perfect MK4 l2a3 Form 3 Efile ready to go your dealer $13,250.00 DJS Firearms LLc New Milford CT
  12. FN FNC para

    Mint Condition FN FNC converted by S&H themselves with S&H sear On Form 3 in CT ready to be transferred efile to your dealer $16,500.00 ready to ship All sales final DJS Firearms LLc New Milford CT
  13. Colt 40mm m203 new

  14. Colt 40mm m203 new

    For sale is a new unused m203 in 40mm price $5500.00 transfers on form 3