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  1. Does anyone have a way to reach John Ulicki? I'm trying to complete an ammo deal and I can't seem to get a hold of him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Myron
  2. for sale: Browning Cynergy 12 ga., 3" chamber with full and modified chokes in mint condition in box for $1,395 + shipping to your FFL dealer. Please e-mail directly to or call 360-202-4698 for more questions or m Thanks, Myron
  3. for sale: CMMG 12.5" Nitride .308 barrel, New in Wrap, Unfired with 5/8"x24 TPI for $109 plus shipping. Please e-mail to or call 360-202-4698
  4. spf

    WTS: Belgian FN-FAL 50.00 in excellent plus condition in .308 cal. with 2 - 20 rd. mags. Rifle is a Steyr Import and is NOT a sear cut. Price is plus actual shipping and insurance to your FFL dealer or possible in person delivery to your dealer (No CA Sales). More pics. avail. Please email or call 360-202-4698. Thanks, Myron
  5. For Sale: Original Austrian Factory Steyr AUG 5.56 24" barrel assy. in as new, unfired condition for $1,849 plus actual shipping. E-mail to directly or you may call 360-202-4698. Thanks, Myron
  6. for sale: 30 tins of Romanian 8 mm Mauser Ammo, 1970-1975 vintage, mildly corrosive in 380 rd. tins for $159 per tin delivered for all. Call 360-202-4698 or E-mail for delivery info. Thanks, Myron Sold Pending Funds
  7. For Sale: German HK91/G3 .308 5 rd. mag. in New condition for $59 + shipping. E-mail or call 360-202-4698. Thanks, Myron
  8. For Sale: German HK Heavy Bipod in excellent condition for HK91 or HK93 for $795 + shipping. E-mail or call 360-202-4698. Thanks, Myron
  9. Zach, Please give me a call at 360-202-4698 as I have cash in hand and I will be in the Chandler AZ area tomorrow. Thanks, Myron
  10. For Sale: Factory Colt R0933 upper assy. in excellent condition with factory Colt 11.5" 5.56 lightweight Commando barrel and Colt Detachable carry handle. Bolt carrier is Factory Colt M16 with "C" on the carrier and "MPC" on the bolt head. Handguards are the double heat shield type. Price is plus shipping and insurance. Please email to or call 360-202-4698 with inquires. Thanks, Myron
  11. I'll take it. Please email to or call me at 360-202-4698 with payment and shipping details. Thanks, Myron
  12. Please e-mail me directly to or or call 360-202-4698 as I am new to PM and haven't figured that out yet. Thanks, Myron 360-202-4698
  13. For Sale: Factory German HK MP5 4 position, 3 rd. Burst Lower in used condition for $569 + shipping. Please e-mail to for more pics. or call 360-202-4698. Thanks, Myron