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  1. FIrearm Insurance

    I am curious to see how folks are insuring their firearms. I know that a safe is probably the best tool to keep ahold of your possesions. Also, your general homeowner policies are not that great when it comes to insurance. I just wanted to get an idea or some feebback or references for insurance. Thanks, Chad
  2. WTB M1919 Machine Gun

    I am looking for a M1919 machine gun, open to different variants and builders. I have been contemplating a Vickers or M1919 for my first belt fed, and decided on the M1919. I am located in Texas and willing to travel to inspect. Looking to work with someone wanting to sell with additional parts/pieces/gear/pintle/ammo/etc... Not a tire kicker, have funds ready for right opportunity. Feel free to email; Thanks, Chad Lewis
  3. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    I ran into the same issue when I purchased my first MG. I bought an Uzi 6 years ago... I told my wife it was an investment "we" could shoot. What a deal!!! I showed her what Uzi's are going for today, I reminded her what we paid and that we have doubled our investment. I am looking for my first Belt Fed, It helped with the conversation. Good Luck!
  4. WTB TIPPMANN F/A 1919 or 1917

    Saw one one on RIA for this June.
  5. What where you doing today in 1986?

    I was 14 years old... Reading Shotgun News cover to cover waiting for the day that I would be old enough to start investing in guns. I wanted a Mac10, dang that bring back some Miami Vice memories.
  6. Belt-fed Question

    I have been saving my pennies and now ready to make the move to get a belt-fed. I have been looking at the 1919, 1917, Vickers. I am all over the map. I am knowledgeable about machine guns, own a couple. Belt-feds from what I gather require more maintenance and knowledge, which ai think would be part of the fun. I am looking for recommendations on what would be the best option taking into account Parts availability, maintenance, etc... Thanks in advance... Chad San Antonio, Tx.
  7. looking into my First Transferable Machine gun

    I got my start with an UZI. Cheap to shoot, plenty of parts. Iconic gun, will always have a good following. Plus you get to buy a shirt that says "UZI Does it.." without being a poser. Make sure and buy a registered receiver, not a bolt gun if you go down that path.
  8. Belt-fed Question

    Marty, i sent you a message. Thanks, Chad
  9. Belt-fed Question

    I will probably shoot, 3-4 times a year. Maybe more, depending. I know I have not shot my UZI in a couple of years. I think the BF will certainly in the begining be shot a lot espescially out in West Texas. Thanks again for your insights. I will now start looking for a good specimen. Chad
  10. Belt-fed Question

    Good points on service and ammo. Thanks for the information on the Vickers. I know there are many variants. I think I remember seeing a zeppelin or balloon version? Can you recommend a good location for literature or post on the Vickers to start my research. Thanks again for your help.
  11. WTB Transferable Reising 50

    Looking for a Transferable Reising 50, prefer gun in good condition with extra magazines etc... Open to Police trade-in or Military issue gun.
  12. WTB. 1919, 1917, Vickers

    Wanted to see if anyone had a good belt fed shooter for sale. Not looking for a C&R gun. I have other NFA items, so I understand the process. Please email
  13. WTS REISING M50 $5500

    Is the gun still for sale? If so. Please send pics to