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  1. FFL Software Recommendations

    There seems to be a lot of different FFL Software options on the market. I wanted to get some ideas of what people are using. Pros/Cons I heard some good feedback about FastBound. I will need to be able to process as FFL and SOT. Thanks, CL
  2. 1/12/2022 Sold to Kentuckyguy For Sale ***NEW PRICE*** 8,500.00 (Gun is currently on a Form 3 at my dealer. Ready to transfer on eFile to your dealer) Model: M-11-A1 Manufacturer - Daniel S.W. Inc. S.W.D. INC. Atlanta. GA Type - SUBMACHINE GUN Caliber - .380 Magazines (8) 4 Factory Plastic/Polymer Mags and (4) Metal (Not sure if they are factory, not any markings that I could see.) Model: CAC .380 Type - Silencer Manufacturer - Bowers Cornelius, OR. Up for sale is a M11-A1 in .380 with the Bowers .380 suppressor. Gun is in excellent condition as you can see by the pictures. My dealer will efile form 3 to your dealer. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Terms: Was 9,500.00 NOW 8,500.00 (+ Transfer Tax Stamps and Shipping Fees) Up front payment to start the process. If Texas based, we can work with my dealer to handle the transfer. If not they will use eFile Form 3 to your dealer. They said it would take about 8-10 days to eFile. Thanks for looking, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Chad
  3. Sold Colt AR-15 A2 Model 6520 Gun is in great condition with normal wear (see pictures.) Gun has the **RESTRICED** LE Markings. Gun will come with (1) 30 Round Magazine Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 1,400.00 (+50 shipping from my FFL to your FFL.) Prefer discreet PayPal or Venmo. Open to other forms of payment. Thanks, Chad Lewis San Antonio, Tx.
  4. I have acquired a Mac 11a1. I am looking to modify to slow the rate of fire. I currently have a Lage on order to accept the suomi drums and shoot in 9mm. I was searching and found Practical Solutions, they have a slow fire .380, I was going to reach out to them tomorrow. I was a little confused. Will it run .380 ammo? It seems to promote running 9mm out of the m11a1. Anyone use their system? Thanks, Chad
  5. New FedEx firearms policy

    This could get interesting for Fedex in Texas. We just passed a law that the State of Texas will not do business with companies that discriminate against the firearm or ammo industries. I wonder how much shipping of goods through Fedex is done by the State of Texas Government?
  6. I am looking for a factory correct SP1 carbine stock. The Colt is from 1971 (Correction Serial number dates to 1978) Chad
  7. Looking to purchase 10-15 L2A3 Sterling SMG Magazines. Also, looking for parts... Springs, Barrels, Stocks, etc... Thanks, Chad
  8. WTB 1919a4

    Looking for a full auto. I modified the post. Thanks, Chad
  9. WTB 1919a4

    Looking to acquire a full auto 1919a4. This will be my first Belt Fed, so would like to purchase with extras…. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks, Chad
  10. 30rd Mags for Grease Gun

    Buy with confidence. Dan shipped me my mags quickly and everything was as dedcribed. Great seller on the board. CL
  11. WTS machine guns from Personal collection

    Bruce, Per our conversation this morning. I will take the Reising and the Sten. Thanks, Chad
  12. WTS - Mac 10 A 1 in 9mm NIB - $8,000

    PM Sent
  13. With the end of Knob Creek...

    I know the YO Ranch (Mt. Home, Tx.) use to have a shoot. Not sure how big?
  14. MIA-M-14

    PM Sent