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  1. What do I need to do in order to be able to list an item in the NFA market board?

    Do I need to upgrade account? and if so, how?



  2. Excellent M11/9mm Lage,Sten Mag Conversion

    Is there tax to FL state residents?
  3. WTS: Ruger AC556 $9900 OBO

    Pictures please?
  4. SWD M11/9mm SMG Form 3 Transferable $7500

    What State are you in? Form 3 or 4? Is the price negotiable? Thanks, Pete
  5. SBS Form 1...Semi vs O/U

    Thanks Born Loser! Tony'sTony's work with the Saiga is legendary
  6. SBS Form 1...Semi vs O/U

    It looks it gas driven or inertia? I heard that inertia as opposed to gas blow back would be better in cycling lower loads like birdshot. Have you had any shot issues?
  7. I'm looking to form 1 an sbs on my trust before the rules change in July. I'm thinking either a semi auto or over under. What type of headaches to expect if I choose to do a semi? Can it be done successfully? What platforms are recommended? I know that I can do the o/u with no problems. Thoughts? Any one done a semi?