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  1. I have a Broadhead Armory aluminum RDIAS.  This is on a Form 4 in Virginia.  This is well made with even thickness on both sides.  I will pay the first tax stamp and standard shipping to your dealer, insurance is extra.  Asking $30K.  No trades.  Payment in full via certified check before starting transfer.  I can answer any questions and provide proof of life if needed. 


    Broadhead RDIASa.jpgBroadhead RDIASb.jpgBroadhead RDIASc.jpgBroadhead RDIASd.jpgBroadhead RDIASe.jpgBroadhead RDIASf.jpgBroadhead RDIASg.jpgBroadhead RDIASh.jpgBroadhead RDIASi.jpgBroadhead RDIASj.jpgBroadhead RDIASk.jpg    

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