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  1. WTB M2 Carbine

    Pm sent
  2. what’s on the ppw? Is this off a virgin Sten tube?

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  4. M1 carbine 80% casting

    Pm sent
  5. M1 carbine 80% casting

    There were some numerich m1 carbine castings floating around. I’m looking for 1 or 2. Thanks!!
  6. DLO Sten MKII

    Interested in GI conversion M2 carbines?
  7. S&H FNC sear

    Pm sent
  8. Lighlty Used HK MP5/10mm Full Auto Dealer Sample $4,500

    Is that a sharpied dent from the rollers? Pray tell what buffer was used?
  9. I'm waiting for the f4 to come back on my first MG. It's an NPM converted m2 carbine. A Reising m50 is next. If I can swing another gun after that it will probably be a jap 96/99 with conversion, or a pre may MG34. If I somehow win the lottery or some uncle dies off and leaves me a vast fortune then I'd talk eMGunslinger out of the type 24 he is sitting on.