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  1. Once Lewman dropped off the package his side of the deal is done. I hope Fedex pays out your claim and it sucks that that gun is probably gone forever. That’s just the roll of the dice. We all play this game.
  2. WTB M2 Carbine

    Pm sent
  3. what’s on the ppw? Is this off a virgin Sten tube?

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  5. M1 carbine 80% casting

    Pm sent
  6. M1 carbine 80% casting

    There were some numerich m1 carbine castings floating around. I’m looking for 1 or 2. Thanks!!
  7. DLO Sten MKII

    Interested in GI conversion M2 carbines?
  8. S&H FNC sear

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  9. Lighlty Used HK MP5/10mm Full Auto Dealer Sample $4,500

    Is that a sharpied dent from the rollers? Pray tell what buffer was used?
  10. I'm waiting for the f4 to come back on my first MG. It's an NPM converted m2 carbine. A Reising m50 is next. If I can swing another gun after that it will probably be a jap 96/99 with conversion, or a pre may MG34. If I somehow win the lottery or some uncle dies off and leaves me a vast fortune then I'd talk eMGunslinger out of the type 24 he is sitting on.