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  1. WTB CZ BREN 805 / 806 PARTS KIT

    Are you talking about a Bren light machine gun Mark 2? I have a very nice one with barrel and I think it’s mark 2 I can sell
  2. AR180 Magazine

    I have a 30 rounder That looks ugly $45
  3. WTB M2HB kit (m3ac)

    I have a M2 kit 5.5K
  4. WTB: LM7 or Razorback.

    I have a razorback if you are looking, has 2 ammo boxes, 2 cloth belts, 1 plastic belt
  5. WTB: 26.5mm Flare & Smoke rounds

    I’ve believe I have some, but I don’t want to ship so if you live by Atlanta Ga I could help you out
  6. WTB Your MG Machine Gun Parts Kits

    I'm in Metro Atlanta. Have a M2HB kit. Couple other kits, all my kits have barrels

    I have the short barreled one with extras
  8. WTB/ M1 Garand & Carbine grenade launchers

    I'm sorry I misread your thread, you wanted the launchers. I have the sights for the launchers
  9. WTB/ M1 Garand & Carbine grenade launchers

    They're in the green pouches, in a cosmoline wrap along with a disc in a separate wrap. I might have some pictures of opening one from years ago. I will also send pictures of some pouches and the piece wrapped but won't open a wrapped one because they won't be in mint condition after I if unwrap the piece of the cosmoline
  10. WTB/ M1 Garand & Carbine grenade launchers

    I have some new in cosmoline, actually had to open the crate from 1944 that they came in. So I think I have what you're looking for