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  1. 4.2 inch mortar

    Are you wanting to sell either? Specially looking for a 120mm for the M106 mortar carrier. I don’t think the M2 would fit in the mounting brackets in the carrier.
  2. 4.2 inch mortar

    M30. Thanks for the reply.
  3. 4.2 inch mortar

    Anyone know if there is a 4.2 inch. (120mm) mortar, can be demilled or a DD, floating around? I’d like to add one to my collection if one exists. Thanks Coltman16
  4. Hello Everyone, Over the past week or so, I had the pleasure of buying an m23 cradle and armored shield from R.L. He is one heck of the guy, selling me the mount way under value, even after he admitted that he screwed up the price after his listing. Robert is a man of his word and a truly good guy to do business with, if he has something for sale on here or another site....BUY IT! Thanks again Robert! Coltman16
  5. WTS Russian AK-74 : SGL31 LNIB

    Any pics yet, is it sold?
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    If you would like semi side plates or a complete build, Midwest Metal Creations can do it.