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  1. When will you get more in stock? jon
  2. WTB Russian Tigr, NDM-86, or HD-18

    Hello fellow Texan, I was going to throw my NDM-86 on GB so let me know if you are interested. It is all matching and it is the 7.62x51 version. It also has the bipod, which I never see for sale. Shoot me an email and we can discuss price and I can send pics. BTW, I am in DFW. jon
  3. WTS Ruger Mini-14 GB Stainless .223

    I am interested in the first one. Is the barrel threaded? jon
  4. WTB: TPM P5SD or Omega OM9-SD

    I was at TPM last week and they are making another batch of SD uppers and cans. jon
  5. WTS: M60 Dummy Gun made w/ Real Parts

    What else does it come with? Are you negotiable? jon
  6. WTS: Luger, 1938 S/42, add withdrawn

    100% all matching? jon
  7. WTS/German WW2 Chrome Luger

    How bad is the pitting and the lands and grooves within the barrel? The mag has the same serial number as the gun? 100% matching? jon
  8. I sent you a private email. I will take it. Jon