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  1. Pre 86 Samples owned by a Corporation

    I have a similar question. I am listed as a "responsible person" on a FFL/SOT for a Subchapter S Corp. I am not listed as an officer on the S-Corp. My concern as it relates to pre-samples is as follows. 1.) Keeping any Pre-samples if the SOT is ever given up. 2.) Keeping a sample at home vs the shop. Anyone have insight on this?
  2. Looking for 1st Machine Gun

    Thanks for making me feel welcome guys. I appreciate the responses. I can tell it's going to be a task to find the right gun, at the right price, from a reputable dealer/individual. So many variables. I need to do more research to get higher on the learning curve. In the mean time, thanks for putting up with my green horns.
  3. Hi All, I am new to the forum but I have been enjoying reading so far. I am in the market for my first full auto. I have been looking here and there but not sure what i want to go with. I am on a budget up to $20k and i have a FFL. Any good first pieces or anything i need to look out for? Considering MACs, Thompsons, Uzis, or maybe something else. Pre May or Full transferable. I just want something reliable, fun to shoot and in a pistol caliber. Any help would be appreciated.