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  1. Looking for a Hk "F" style bolt and carrier assembly. Factory German only. Used condition is fine.
  2. SOT-Not Renewing & ATF not approving Form 3 w/ LE Letters

    As long as you (the dealer) perform the demo for the department who requested it, then I would say your obligation to the intent of the purpose for which you acquired the gun is fulfilled. What you do after that is (I would think) irrelevant. So hypothetically, you get a letter from a department to demo a Mp7. With that letter you purchase one and perform the demo for the department. After that, I'd say you are free to use that Mp7 for whatever purpose you want, including renting it. Assuming of course you own the rental range. And as far as building guns, I don't believe there are any restrictions placed upon that. I believe you just add whatever you build to your books and build it. You don't have to notify the ATF whenever you build a post sample, you just have to account for them when you have your compliance checks. (I am not a 07 but know some and that's how they explained it to me) All that being said, I'm afraid that due to the greed of some people in the last few years, taking advantage of the ability to sell post samples without a LE letter when "going out of business", I feel there are going to be some big changes and new restrictions on dealers soon. (I put "going out of business" in quotes because there has been a growing trend, which you all are aware of, of 07 SOT dealers acquiring/building large quantities of post samples and then "going out of business" to be able to sell them without letters and then "reorganizing" into a new entity and doing it all over again. All of which may be technically legal but was clearly not what the ATF intended dealers to be doing when they wrote the rules. And just like with open bolt semi-autos in 1980, bump stocks, solvent traps and now FRTs, the feds notice this stuff and act quickly to stop or restrict it.)
  3. Only if that's a girl behind the counter.
  4. Missing thompsons

    I understand the desire to get back stuff you sold in the past, but if they read your post and unless they were interested in selling them for a lot more than current value, whoever has them probably won't exactly be overjoyed to let you know who they are. If I had one and wasn't interested in selling it, I wouldn't tell you. No offense, but your desire to find them smacks of desperation and there's not a lot of people out there who want a previous owner of something bugging them about it like a "psycho ex girlfriend".
  5. I'm looking for a KAC stand alone stock for the M203 launcher. The one with the simple stock, not the M4 stock. Prefer used but will consider all.
  6. M16A2 question

    From what I have observed, (although with Colt, there are always exceptions) if it's an M16A2 and it shipped from Colt in rifle configuration, it will have a "burst" marked lower. If it shipped as a carbine, it will have an "auto" marked lower. The ones with an "auto" marked lower have always been more sought after and command a higher price. As far as Colt M16A2 prices go, commanding the highest would be a "US Government Property" marked one. These will always be "burst" marked. Then you have the "auto" marked commercial M16A2 and finally the "burst" commercial M16A2. Be aware that Colt was using both leftover A1 as well as true A2 forgings in their commercial guns in the mid 80's so you can come across a Colt M16A2 marked rifle/carbine that was made on a M16A1 forging. These will command a lower price than M16A2s built on true A2 forgings to knowledgeable buyers so if the forging style matters to you, it's important to be able to spot the differences. This info applies only to those guns that shipped from Colt in the 80's. There are some Colt M16A2 guns floating around that are what I like to think of as "grey" guns that have M16A2 rollmarks but were made much more recently and on M4 forgings. Personally I would avoid these but some people are attracted to them because of their modern features. Here is a pic of my "auto" marked Colt M16A2 built on a real A2 forging that came from the factory as a carbine.
  7. WTS: Original Colt M16 Factory Machinegun

    Wouldn't have it been easier just to post it in the ad, like you're supposed to instead of making people click on a link and generating traffic on his website?
  8. WTS: Original Colt M16 Factory Machinegun

    Post a price in your ad please.
  9. WTB: Sig 552-2SB

    I am looking for one of those semi-auto Sig 552-2 SP rifles that were floating around some years ago. The ones that are dealer samples and require a SOT to transfer. If you have one you might sell, send me a message. Thanks.
  10. WTB: AAC "Krinkov" suppressor.

    Still looking for one.
  11. WTS: Vector Mini Uzi

    Why are there two different guns in the pictures?
  12. I'll take one LEO Mp5 mag.
  13. Other than the PSG1 and G3SF and G3SG1 scoped models? Mp5s and 33s are common enough but I haven's seen any straight G3, non scoped rifles available on the market.
  14. Benelli M1 Super 90 Barrel

    I'll take 2 of them. The bottom two.