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  1. FS: M63 AA Mount for the Browning 50

  2. FS: MK93 soft mount for the Browning 50

  3. FS: E.R. Maples M2HB 50 BMG $38,995

  4. Mint Mk 93 soft mount for the Browning 50 cal gun. Includes the Universal Pintle Adaptor, ammo box holder and new brass/links bag. This mount works excellent with the M3 tripod. It provides a buffered recoil as well as a mount for the ammo can. The UPA allows the mount to attach to a vehicular ring/turret. $2750 plus shipping. For more info email or call 580-938-2964
  5. Mint WW2 M63 AA mount for the 50 cal BMG. Includes side plate trigger mechanism. Early solid brass base has new ball bearings. Original grips. All pins and chain intact. Includes ammo can and holder. $2750 plus shipping. Email for more info or call 580-938-2964
  6. FS: E.R. Maples M2HB 50 BMG $38,995

  7. FS: E.R. Maples M2HB 50 BMG $38,995

    I custom built that years ago, had some special paint masks done for the lettering. Really is nice and it is great to have in the field to keep things out of the dirt. As doubles a gun rest prior to placing on the mount. Glad you like it.
  8. FS: E.R. Maples M2HB 50 BMG $38,995

    Very nice fully transferable E.R. Maples M2HB. My personal gun that I will probably regret selling. I have owned 3 of these and this is my last one. Runs flawlessly. Includes a WW2 M3 tripod that is serial numbered to the gun, barrel that gauges new, carry handle, T&E, pintle, gauges with USGI pouch , USGI cleaning kit and transit case as pictured. The gun will include and ship in a fitted Pelican case. Selling out my complete collection of BMG stuff, M63 AA and MK93 mounts, optics, tools, spares, 3K of ammo, etc. all available for sale as well. Call Al Walton @ 580-938-2964 or email E-Form 3. More pics available.
  9. I have the following suppressors in stock ready to transfer and on sale at or near wholesale prices. We are reducing our inventories. (4) Gemtech G5 5.56 sale priced @ $650 (3) Gemtech G-5T 5.56 sale priced @ $990 (1) Gemtech Alpine G-5 22LR sale priced @ $399 (1) AAC M4-2000 5.56 sale priced @ $850 includes (1) QM (1) Gemtech .300 Blackout G-Core FDE sale priced @ $799 Code of Arms LLC is located in NW Oklahoma and is open M-F 8:00a-6:00p, available weekends by appointment. We also offer barrel threading services. Check us out at our websight
  10. Serbu Shorty 12 ga AOW for Sale

    It is the Remington model. Form 3 and it sold today if the check clears.... Thank You for your interest
  11. Serbu Shorty 12 ga AOW for Sale

    CODE OF ARMS LLC has in stock ready to transfer (1) Serbu Super Shorty 12 AOW priced at $879. Code of Arms LLC in NW Oklahoma, is open daily M-F 8:00 to 6:00 CST. Call 580-938-2964 or email
  12. CODE OF ARMS LLC is a stocking Class 3 dealer in N.W. Oklahoma and I have the following suppressors in stock and ready to transfer. (4) Gemtech G5 5.56 quick mount suppressors @ $650 (1) Gemtech Dagger .300 WM @ $SOLD! (3) Gemtech G-5T 5.56 quick mount suppressors@ $990 (1) Thunderbeast 30 P-1 .300 WM @ $1025 (1) Gemtech Alpine 22LR suppressors @ $425 (1) Gemtech G5 22lr quick mount suppressor @ $465 (1) AAC M4 2000 5.56 suppressor with 1 quick mount @ $850 (1) YHM Cobra M2 .40 cal pistol suppressor @ $599 (1) Silencerco Specwar 7" 5.56 with quick mount @ $819 (1) Gemtech Tundra 9mm pistol @ $SOLD! (1) Silencerco Saker 7" 5.56 with quick mount @ $1229 (1) Gemtech HVT 7.62 thread mount suppressor @ $799 (2) Gemtech Sandstorm 7.62 thread mount suppressors @ $ 999 (1) Gemtech .300 Blackout G-Core @ $849 Code of Arms LLC is open M-F from 8:00 to 6:00 CST email or call 580-938-2964. Visit our websight @