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  1. I have a 1903 Red Star and 1941 M1 Lend Lease and love the history that goes with it. My Red star is the easiest to prove it was a LL as there are around 200 of them and their serial numbers are known. The Garand is tougher but I am as certain as you can be that mine is a LL. I don't yet know the history of Thompson style guns like you have listed being lend leases, which is why I asked the question. I know with M1 Garands, Brittish proofs aren't enough to prove it was an actual lend lease. Maybe they are with this gun? I have no idea. I am a Lend Lease collector and was simply curious about your listing. It is a beautiful gun and someone would be lucky to have it. Good luck with your sale
  2. Do you have more information you can provide to help prove it was a Lend Lease?
  3. I'll take it per our email. Thanks!
  4. Difference between M16 Options

    Good info. Thanks for taking the time to answer
  5. What are the differences that make some much more expensive than others? What should one look for and/or avoid? Thanks