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  1. WTB Suomi KP-31 Transferable

    Wanted Transferable Suomi Kp-31. No rewelds.
  2. Need 1918 Marlin barrel in good condition and early style rear sight.
  3. Thompson 1928A1 NAC Variant-Rare, Made for Commercial Sales

    I think Mike Todd is very informative on this subject. The only thing i can add is a story by my late friend Gordon Herigstad. Gordon told me the NAC stamped Thompsons were parts guns built by George and J Curtis Earl would embellish stories and legends about the NAC marked guns to make them appear special. Gordon field stripped and pulled the barrel on several and he was confused about all the legends?
  4. WTS: 1918 Marlin Bar; exc. $30k

    Is his still available
  5. WTB Soumi or PPSH41 semi auto SBR

    Looking for either PPSH or Soumi semi auto SBR must be transferable .Examples would be something like TNW used to make. Please PM me with information.
  6. I need a original finish BAR barrel 1918 Marlin -Rockwell. looking for pretty good barrel (no wall hangers) THANKS
  7. WTB - Early Savage Thompson or Colt Overstamp

    i do not know your budget put Morphys has a auction that starts on 10-30. I know they two Colts and i think they have a 28 Savage. There Catalog is now online
  8. Need One Swedish 21/37 model BAR trigger housing complete.

    Well it is always "buyer beware" whether you are at Knob Creek, SAR Show ,Gunbroker...even Sturm The Navy i described is original finish,correct wood, and correct internals.F the glossy pictures,get off your butt and inspect before bidding.

    Morphys late October sale will have a very nice Colt Navy ,with a numbered CDrum ,three patent date,stick mags and a older Repro police case. Gun came out of Seattle PD three years ago. ALL CORRECT. Internals,wood and most important...finish. At the last morphy auction the majority of the Colt Thompson's by description were refinished and that has a huge affect on price.If you are looking for a above average Colt Navy check this one out.
  11. WTB Browning BAR 1918A2

    Looking to purchase form 4 register-able BAR late model 1918a2, rack grade would be fine. i will also consider a Ramo .No rewelds please.
  12. WTS transferables private collection

    I think you are right. A mismatched Colt C drum just sold on GB for $4600 and I picked up a real nice one two years ago for 5K so whoever bought your Drum did just fine. Please keep me in mind when you sell others. Thanks Bill
  13. WTS transferables private collection

    i WOULD LIKE c DRUM. if sold please put me in as backup. Bill Carlson