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  1. Savage 1928 Thompson British Proof Marked

    Strange how this got registered as a Colt while it is marked N A C ? My late friend Gordon Herigstad said the N A C guns were sold and sometimes built from parts George Numrich acquired in his acquisition Auto Ordinance.
  2. WTB: collection

    I have a nice Winchester BAR 1918 It will be at the Big Sandy shoot 10-22. All original (no tripod,carry handle, or plastic butt stock)
  3. WTB Early Browning 1918 Flash Hider

    I need a original 1918 Browning BAR flash hider. The gun is a Winchester if that makes a difference.
  4. WTB Suomi KP-31 Transferable

  5. Bump Possible trade for 1960 Cadillac Coupe or convertible
  6. Bump This rifle will be available for inspection at Knob Creek ,4-1 and 4-2. Please pm me for table location
  7. WTB Suomi KP-31 Transferable

    Wanted Transferable Suomi Kp-31. No rewelds.
  8. Need 1918 Marlin barrel in good condition and early style rear sight.
  9. Thompson 1928A1 NAC Variant-Rare, Made for Commercial Sales

    I think Mike Todd is very informative on this subject. The only thing i can add is a story by my late friend Gordon Herigstad. Gordon told me the NAC stamped Thompsons were parts guns built by George and J Curtis Earl would embellish stories and legends about the NAC marked guns to make them appear special. Gordon field stripped and pulled the barrel on several and he was confused about all the legends?
  10. WTS: 1918 Marlin Bar; exc. $30k

    Is his still available