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  1. Thompson 28 Bolt

    Yes I can not post pictures on Sturm and timing was poor on my part. I actually thought bolt would sell fast without pics but my cell phone camera and windows 10 hate each other.
  2. WTB Ruger red Label 20 Guage

    Looking for clean Ruger over/under in 20 gauge . Not sure if early guns had adjustable chokes?
  3. Thompson 28 Bolt

    Thompson Nickle Bolt complete R marked In good condition. PM your email for pictures. $175 plus $9.50 postage Can pick up at Oct Big Sandy Shoot
  4. 1918 BAR Winchester

  5. 1918 BAR Winchester

    Okay RIA just sold on the 26th of last month a 1918 Winchester with some accessories for............$105750................ I am assuming this includes the buyers premium but probably not the state sales tax. I think my Winchester is looking like a very good buy. It will be a the Big Sandy shoot in Arizona in the third week end of October.
  6. 1918 BAR Winchester

    As I told Chappy pm me with a good email address and i can send jpeg photo's of a very nice BAR
  7. 1918 BAR Winchester

    Okay....Summer is here and someone needs a BAR for therer collection. This Winchester is on a form 4 and available now.$50K buyer pays Form 4 fee. RIA just listed a Winchester 1918 in there August 26 auction (looks to perfect for a combat gun) that has a estimate of 55K to 85K . This could be your chance to get a fair price a on great warhorse . PM me for pictures.
  8. 1918 BAR Winchester

    Just Bought a Corvette The BAR has to find a new home PM me for pictures
  9. 1918 BAR Winchester

    Pictures available PM me with email and i can send JPEGS .
  10. 1918 BAR Winchester

  11. 1918 BAR Winchester

    Bump Pictures available.
  12. 1918 BAR Winchester

    PM sent
  13. 1918 BAR Winchester

    Several people were waiting to see what was going to happen @ 12-3 RIA auction for the two 1918 BAR,s in sale. #591 Winchester refinished in high condition $63,250 plus state sales tax. #1646 Colt 1918 in rough condition $57,500 plus same state sales tax. Mine is a much better deal.
  14. 1918 BAR Winchester

    1918 Browning BAR Winchester manufacture. Good bore and very good condition. Wood excellent with very slight buttstock check common on these guns.Correct W marked barrel with date of 10-18. Gun will be available for inspection at the SAR show Friday and Saturday 12-3 and 12-4. C&R eligible and registered on a form 4.$50K Photo's available
  15. Savage 1928 Thompson British Proof Marked

    Strange how this got registered as a Colt while it is marked N A C ? My late friend Gordon Herigstad said the N A C guns were sold and sometimes built from parts George Numrich acquired in his acquisition Auto Ordinance.