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  1. WTS Colt M16A1 $35k

  2. WTS Colt M16A1 $35k

    adjusted price
  3. WTS Colt M16A1 $35k

    It is on Form 4
  4. WTS Colt M16A1 $35k

    Great shape Factory original Colt M16A1. Includes gun as configured in pics. If you would like the extras in pics ((2) additional Colt uppers (9mm and 5.56), bayonet, and buttstock) add $2k. I believe the color difference between the upper and lower is due to cleaning / oil. I personally have never used any of the uppers. The lower was used with a different upper and I have put less than 1000 rounds through it.
  5. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    Am I asking too little for this gun? I just saw an M16A2 sell for $35,525.00 on a auction site and it was sketchy at best. The gun was made in the 1990's ("A" series serial number). The buy it now on that gun was $35,000 LOL.
  6. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    Secondofangle....there are no readily visible dates on the barrel or front sight base. Sorry for the delay in answering.
  7. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    PM sent to secondofangle. FFL was out today and will inspect for date stamps asap and post then.
  8. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    I have been asked what is in the is a lock.
  9. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    Huggytree....are you crazy? There is no way I'm ever going to sell a gun with serial number 69. Lol
  10. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    Private message sent to MSAA
  11. Colt M16A2 New in box never fired. On a form 3 in Wisconsin. Please contact me for more pictures, questions, or if you wish to set up a time to view the gun. $32,500.00
  12. Martin Pearl

    ditto on the pricing...I am interested in both guns. thanks