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  1. I sent you a PM a week ago to answer your questions. Please either email me or reply to the PM instead of posting here in the ad.
  2. BTT with price reduction.
  3. There are no dents or significant wear on the drums. One drum has some patina on it and there is the tiniest amount of surface rust that I've remedied, as shown in the pictures. There is a small triangle stamp on the main drum body of both, but other than that, no markings. They work great. The stock/grip are not stained or discolored - this is how they are. The pictures are accurate. Everything is factory original. These all came with a transferable AM180. When I got some clear plastic drums and some pretty wood, I put these original parts away.
  4. American 180 original metal magazines x2 and original plastic furniture set, as pictured. Not sure if mags are 165 or 177 capacity, but they are original. No winders included. All are in good condition (see pics) $525 $425 delivered CONUS where legal. Will not separate. USPS MO preferred.
  5. *********SOLD******** Terms: USPS MO or Paypal + actual fee WWW.THEFEECALCULATOR.COM Shipping to CONUS included. AK or HI will incur additional shipping charges. NO exports, no exceptions. I will not sell belts separately. For those not familiar: This is a belt-fed .22lr upper receiver for the AR15 or M16. This particular LM7 comes with the sear trip and is timed to a Colt factory M16. It is compatible with semi-auto AR15s too and is NOT a conversion device. Lakeside Machine took over manufacture of the Tippman miniature rimfire belt-fed guns. This is based on a 1/2 scale model of the Browning 1919 in .22lr. Here's a list of what is included: 1. LM7 with standard LM7 bolt and 16" barrel 2. hollow aluminum charging handle (will try to find original plastic charging handle. 3. 12 cloth belts of 100 rds each - varying amounts of use - bought over several years time - all are seasoned, easy to load, and work great 4. recoil buffer with both spacers for rifle and carbine tubes 5. Loader kit with 5 fixtures, shake box, and fixture loading tool 6. brass catcher with 2 feed boxes - one box the tabs gave up on so it's pretty much useless but could maybe be modified/repaired - feedboxes are not required for operation or use 7. Surefire modular float tube with all accessories/rails/covers 8. 4:00 o'clock hammer spring - if you need it - this is one of the secrets to getting the thing to run reliably (for me). 9. cardboard inserts for 50cal ammo can - if you want the - or you can make your own - will lie flat for shipping. I have 3 bricks of CCI Blazer (less 25 rounds) that are available to local buyers for an additional $0.10 per round. Shipping ammo is a hassle so I would prefer not to do it. Here are tips to ensure reliable function: 1. Only use CCI mini-mag or CCI Blazer 40 gr solids - NO hollow points. COAL is critical to function and the hollow points are not long enough to work. 2. Consistent belt seating depth is critical to reliable function. Actual seating depth is not important as long as all rounds in the belt are seated to the same length. 3. 4:00 o'clock hammer springs seems to have helped me out a lot - but beware - it will not set off hard primers in steel case ammo like 7.62x39. 4. Keep it fairly clean and lubed with light oil. I can easily get 6 belts or more to run through it with no stoppages if it's clean and lubed. As it gets dirty, it will have some stoppages. It never or hardly ever jams. It will stop but simply re-charging will get it going again. But if you follow steps 1-4 then you will easily get 6 belts through it without stoppages. I'm asking $1500 for all of the above (no ammo). ***SOLD***