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  1. WTB: Japanese Type-99 LMG parts kit.

    Hi Gary. I sent you a private message. Thank you for the response.
  2. Looking for a good condition, complete Type-99 kit with receiver pieces, (with or without magazine) for a museum I am affiliated with. Please let me know exactly what you have and be prepared to share pictures. Thank you! Derrick
  3. Want To Buy, Colt, "Property of U.S. Government" marked M4A1 (6920LE SOCOM) Markings MUST be the old-school, stamped/roll-marks and NOT the current LASER engraving. Colt changed to LASER engraving around serial number CR020490. Will consider new or slightly used. Please send picture of what you have. Thank you, Derrick
  4. Looking to buy MM21E or MM23E semi-auto. Thanks
  5. WTB: M249 Trunny, Bolt guides

    Yes it is, 100%.
  6. WTB: M249 Trunny, Bolt guides

    I have one I was just going to list on GB. I'll sell it for $400 plus shipping.
  7. Eric, My cell phone reception is not very good where I live. You can email me at:
  8. Greetings, I have a semi-auto MGA M249 that I'd like to trade for Barrett 82A1 w/29" fluted barrel. If you have one sitting idle or gathering dust and would like to try a belt-fed instead, please contact me. The M249 comes with everything pictured to convert between standard and para configurations. This was purchased directly from MGA a couple years ago and has only been test fired to prove function, (5 linked and 5 magazine-fed rounds). It features MGA's latest operating system that uses standard G3 trigger packs, (no custom hammers). The short barrel has its flash suppressor blind-pinned and welded to make it 16"
  9. WTB: MK48 Barrel

    Hi there. PM sent.
  10. Looking for good condition 7.62mm MK48 barrel complete with heat shield for Museum project. Museum has budget of $700. Thanks for looking and your consideration. Derrick B.