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  1. Looking to buy MM21E or MM23E semi-auto. Thanks
  2. WTB: M249 Trunny, Bolt guides

    Yes it is, 100%.
  3. WTB: M249 Trunny, Bolt guides

    I have one I was just going to list on GB. I'll sell it for $400 plus shipping.
  4. Eric, My cell phone reception is not very good where I live. You can email me at:
  5. Greetings, I have a semi-auto MGA M249 that I'd like to trade for Barrett 82A1 w/29" fluted barrel. If you have one sitting idle or gathering dust and would like to try a belt-fed instead, please contact me. The M249 comes with everything pictured to convert between standard and para configurations. This was purchased directly from MGA a couple years ago and has only been test fired to prove function, (5 linked and 5 magazine-fed rounds). It features MGA's latest operating system that uses standard G3 trigger packs, (no custom hammers). The short barrel has its flash suppressor blind-pinned and welded to make it 16"
  6. WTB: MK48 Barrel

    Hi there. PM sent.
  7. Looking for good condition 7.62mm MK48 barrel complete with heat shield for Museum project. Museum has budget of $700. Thanks for looking and your consideration. Derrick B.