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  1. Price Drop.... Still available 12/16
  2. WTS: Heckler & Koch MP5/40 Machine Gun

    still available 12/16/18
  3. Up for sale is a Heckler & Koch MP5/40 Post Dealer Sample Machine Gun $2500.00. This is your chance to get one of these harder to find MP5's in .40 S&W. This one is in good shape and comes with one mag that's shown in the pictures and factory sling. This gun was a PD gun but it was not abused as you can see. Gun is in my inventory so I can eform this to you. LE letter required. Basic Shipping is $35.00 if you want insurance its extra or you can send me your own label. Email: jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net or call/text: 580-695-8340.
  4. I have a like new CZ Bren 2 in 5.56x45mm . It was used for one short PD demo and sat in my safe since. I don't shoot it so I need to move it out. No trades. Comes with one mag. Only a few of these in the US and they are very rare. Requires law letter. Must have a FFL/SOT. Buyer pays actual shipping cost of their choice. Contact me at jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net or call/text 580-695-8340.
  5. I have a very good condition Heckler & Koch HK33 Pre Sample Machine gun with 4 position lower and A2 stock in 5.56x45mm. This gun does NOT require a law letter and is a keeper when you drop your SOT. This gun is not for civilians, dealers with SOT only. Price is $7995.00. Buyer pays shipping of their choice. Comes with one mag as pictured. Contact jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net with questions or call/text 580-695-8340. Additional pictures available upon request.
  6. Price drop!
  7. I am selling my HK MP7A1 dealer sample. Requires law letter, comes with several mags, owners manual, and Silencerco flash hider. Excellent condition. Was a new gun when I got it. It’s had a few hundred rounds through it for demos. Need to fund another project so letting this one go. Buyer will pay shipping of their choice. Serious inquires I can provide pictures to. If you call me leave a message, jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net 580-695-8340
  8. WTB: Dealer Sample Machine Guns & PD Trade Ins

    Send me an email with the details. jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net
  9. We specialize in NFA weapons and department trades and firearms. We have over 10 years experience and multiple agencies for references. Please contact us with your Department trades or even dealer guns that you are needing to move. Post, pre, and Transferable machine guns wanted!!! JS Sales FFL/SOT Lawton, OKjpowers8340@sbcglobal.net580-695-8340
  10. I have two post dealer sample HK MP5K-PDWs with navy trigger groups for sale. EMAIL FOR PRICE! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. They are in good shape and come with one mag. They will require LE demo letter. They are consecutive serial numbers also. Basic shipping is $50 per Gun not including insurance which can be purchased separately at buyers request. These guns with come with aim-point micro mounts but no optics.I also have a KRISS SMG in 45ACP. Price is $2300 Excellent condition. Requires demo letter. Shipping same as above.I have a Colt M16A2 in 9mm but also includes all of the conversion parts and upper for 5.56. This gun lets you shoot both caliber and you only have to buy one gun. Price is $1500. Condition is good. Requires Demo letter.HK UMP45- $1795.00HK UMP40- $1695.00COLT M4- $1250.00WE ALSO BUY MACHINE GUNS. POST, PRE, OR TRANSFERABLE MACHINE GUNS SO PLESE GIVE US A SHOUT IF YOUR NEEDING TO MOVE OF SOME OF YOUR GUNS OR KNOW OF A AGENCY THAT IS. We can also get any new FN Machine gun. Please email us for your personal quote. Please email me or leave voicemail if you have questions or want to buy. jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net580-695-8340(photos may not be exact gun)
  11. I have a used HK MP5SD3 post dealer sample. This gun was sold but the buyer backed out so I am putting it back up for sale. The gun comes with one mag. Demo letter is required. This gun will transfer from PD on a form 5 to buyer.Text of AdI have the following post Dealer Samples. Some guns there are several available. All require a demo letter.HK MP5/40 Post Sample: $1895 HK MP5SD2: $2800 HK G36C: $2900 HK UMP 40: $1700 HK UMP 45: $1800 Colt M4 (14.5”): $1500 Colt M4 (11.5”): $1500 FN F2000: $2200 FN F2000 Tactical: $2200 HK MP7A1: $12,000.00B&T USA MP7 Silencer. $1500.00Shipping is $50 per gun basic shipping.These won't last long so contact quick if your interested.email: jpowers8340@sbcglobal.netphone: 580-695-8340Photos may not be of exact gun*
  12. Colt M16A3 Dealer Samples

    I have some Colt M16A3's that are 11" barrel, full auto, and come with quad rail. These are used PD guns but in good working order. They are $1350.00 each. Basic Shipping is $50.00. They are on form 5's and will need Demo letter. Picture available upon request. Contact: jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net 580-695-8340 (leave message if no answer)
  13. I have the following post Dealer Samples. Some guns there are several available. All require a demo letter. HK MP5 A3: $1850 HK MP5 A2 Post-Sample: $1800 HK MP5/40 Post Sample: $1895 HK MP5SD2: $2800 HK G36C: $2900 HK UMP 40: $1700 HK UMP 45: $1800 Colt M4 (14.5”): $1500 Colt M4 (11.5”): $1500 FN F2000: $2200 FN F2000 Tactical: $2200 B&T USA MP7 Silencer. $1500.00 Shipping is $50 per gun basic shipping. These won't last long so contact quick if your interested. email: jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net phone: 580-695-8340 Photos may not be of exact gun* Contact Information
  14. I have some used Post Dealer Sample HK MP5A2's. Guns are in good shape and have SEF trigger group. It comes with one curved 30rd mag. These can ONLY be sold to current SOT's with law letter.I also have the availability to order the Cornershot Direct from Israeli. Price is $2700 for a brand new unit. Please contact me if you interested in ordering or info.These won't last long so please contact me if you interested. I have included a list of others I have available currently.Other GunsMG15 (reman)- $2500.00Reman. Beretta AR70 - $1700.00Jap 98 - $1800.00HK UMP 45- $1750.00HK MP5/40- $1999.00 (A3 stock, 4 pos. trigger)FN F2000 - $1995.00Any new FN machine gun we are a FN LE and Military Distributor- email for quote if serious only.Silencers (Hard to Find):B&T US MP7 Silencer(NIB)- $1500.00Gemtech UMP 45 Silencer- SOLDTransferable:Colt M16A2 (burst marked but set up full auto) - $29,999.00Auto Ordnance Corp model 1928 $SoldAuto Ordnance Corp model M1A1 $18500.00Cobray Street Sweeper $1700.00Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 AE $1700.00 Heckler & Koch HK 53 (PreSample) $8500.00If you would like to be added to my exclusive dealer list to get updates about incoming guns before anyone else send me an email at jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net 580-695-8340Email us if you have a specific request for a certain machine gun.We also buy Transferable machine guns, pre may machine guns, and post dealer sample machine guns so please let us know what you have.
  15. WTB: Post Sample MP5

    I have a couple MP5A2's for $1750.00 each