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  1. I'm selling my semi auto Vollmer HK21, a Tommybuilt UMP conversion SBR and PCS MP5 SBR. The Vollmer 21 was bought as a receiver from the late Gerard Miller and I built it with new parts. The barrel and bolt were nitrided. Has a full 21E stock, 21E style recoil assembly, 21E style extended cocking handle and a 21E locking piece (US made). The slot to lock the bolt back has NOT been relocated yet. And the gun has not been fired. $10,600 shipped. The USC/UMP conversion was done by Tom Bostic awhile back. 40 cal bolt and barrel. This conversion has a HDPS stock block, it was not fused. My makers mark is under the top rail. Comes with one magazine, not pictured. Form 4 in Texas. $2100 shipped. The Parabellum Combat Systems MP5 was built from a German parts kit. Has not been fired since built. Just an extra MP5 that was collecting dust in my safe. My makers mark is on the rear tang, hidden by the stock. Form 4 in Texas. $2100 shipped. Thanks! Mit Matelske Rugu LLC
  2. WTS: M50 Reising

    I have a well worn M50 Reising for sale. I got it in trade awhile back and finally got around to changing the broken flash hider. The pictures tell the story of the gun. On a form 3 in Texas. Has to go to a dealer, even if you are in Texas. $5150 shipped. Thanks! Mit Matelske Rugu LLC
  3. I have a brand new (from 1985) SWD M11A1 on a form 3 available for $8000 shipped with insurance. I have a baby ghost upper available for this gun also for $500. The form 3 out will be e-filed so you could have this gun in a week! Thanks! Mit Matelske Rugu LLC