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  1. FS: .50cal spotter brass(once fired)

    Funds went out today
  2. FS: .50cal spotter brass(once fired)

    I’ll take the brass. Let me know how to send funds thanks
  3. Email sent on bolts. thank you
  4. Hello how do I get upgraded to a sergeant? So I may post for sale adds? Thank you

  5. I would be interested in a 28 fin barrel. Are they blued? Will you have tables at the creek so I can pick it up? Thank you Ken
  6. You got it scott Thank you
  7. I see the shipping is included thank you. Need payment info
  8. I will take the 12 new mags would you throw in the shipping cost?
  9. Wts M2HB M63 AA mount $850

    Do you have any pictures of it you could post? Thanks