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  1. WTB - MAC 11/9

    Figures, right as I land one today. I paid a touch more but it'll be entirely refinished and includes all fees/shipping...seems like a reasonable deal in current market. Thanks for the info and to all for the help!
  2. WTB - MAC 11/9

    Is that the one that is all pitted and rough finished? I guess you'd have to figure refinishing into the price? I am attracted to the M11/9 for size, .22 upper, and flexibility...but my buddy did just buy a powder springs MAC 10 .45, maybe I should expand the search...
  3. WTB - MAC 11/9

    Thanks Huggy. I gave them a call and am waiting to hear back. I'll update if that works out...though the person on the phone sounded clueless and unaware if it was even available...
  4. WTB - MAC 11/9

    Looking for a MAC 11/9. Lage upper and upgrades a plus. Would prefer in state to Texas if at all possible. Would consider MAC 11A1. If anyone knows of a dealer with stock please do post below. If you're selling, please PM me. Thanks!