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  1. Hk 21k barrel

    got a price in ming or shall we guess
  2. Spitfire 45 SMG

    send phone # I have part,s and knowledge on the s##tfire will help you get it running
  3. Bosnian .50 bmg ammo experience?

    is good shot over 1,2000 in my 50 was perfect
  4. WTB: M63 tripod for M2HB

    I have what u want brand new and complete including trigger set up and can do pic,s and deliver to the creek send phone I,ll call and do pic,s...david
  5. French MAC 1950 pistol

    send phone # I,ll send pic of my gun think it,s what you want ...david
  6. WTS M249 op rod

    do you still need 50 topcover I got a new one stripped would like your used 249 op rod I ca add $$ to make this swap happen
  7. WTB Madsen M-50 Submachinegun

    I have 2 of these guns and a ton of parts. I never broke anything, I hardly shoot them anymore. I'd be willing to sell 1. Is C&R. form 4 says maker, Dansk. $8,000 and I will pay $200 out for the nicer of the 2. Can supply extras for extra money. Have sling, extra mags, extra bbl, internals, bolt and small parts. If interested send phone number and I will send pictures. Runs perfect, did I say perfect? Likes 124 ammo David
  8. am doing knob creek any intrest in 303 anm2 parts ...schnellfurer thanks
  9. I have a 303 top cover, bolt, barrel, and aircraft mount single set up and some other small parts. If you are interested send me your phone number and I will dig out the parts and tell you exactly what I have. I know that the top cover is complete, bolt is complete, and the barrel is extra nice.
  10. Doppletrommel MG34 top cover

    What would you pay for said top cover. Was told it's a repro. Mint condition with a minty 75 round mag. It does work. It turns a 34 into a 42 speed wise. It's fast, not dragging the belt. If interested send phone number. Can send pics david
  11. Wtb. Charles Daly copy of Browning Hipower

    I have one of these it,s not complete but is ser #one has shiny finish can do pic,s if interested thanks send phone I,ll call and do pic,s
  12. I live in MD. 40 minutes from York. Interested in the flash hider. Do you want to ship and I will send postal money order or cash in person. Send your phone number so I can call you. I will be at Harrisburg next thanks david
  13. WTB BOLT for Bushmaster Armpistol

    i have the parts you need send e mail address i.ll send pic ...thanks david

    I have the parts you want and many other 134 parts. Send me your phone number and I will call you David. My email is