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  1. WTB SMG or Machine gun in good condition

    might have perfect addition for you same calibre,,,highly modified for flawless performance spitfire with modded m3a1 bolt and machined feed ramp and orig bolt and spares ,,runs PERFECT and you can save 2,000 on your budget if really intrested pm me ,,thanks
  2. WTB Transferable Full Auto/ Select Fire AK47

    send pm with phone i,ll send pic,s
  3. WTB Transferable Full Auto/ Select Fire AK47

    send pm with phone will send pic,s and go from there...original 1 owner gun norinco ...
  4. WTB M249 Bolt

    i,d be intrested in semi carrier if other person is not pm me i,ll give u my# to send some pic,s to ,,THANKS
  5. $7500 transferable mg?

    pm me your phone i.ll send pic,s ,,NICE GUN and runs perfect
  6. $7500 transferable mg?

    i got a spitfire that runs perfectly and has major modification,s including a m3 bolt and steel feed ramp if that intrest,s you was planning on listing at end of summer comes with x-tra parts and 2nd bbl,and 2 mag,s e me if intrested ..
  7. WTB MG-15 saddle drum magazine

    i have 7 of these some are mint some have minor surface rust send phone # can do pic,s on your want,s ,,,david

    send cell# or e mail i.ll send pic,s of nice unit looks good,tight fitting,,gun sold sooo,
  9. WTS: Thompson Wood Parts

    call me about madsen ,,david
  10. WTB Mg42 anti aircraft tripod

    i got one new in box if intrested ,,e me if intrested ,,david
  11. WTB: Transferable Pre 86' Maremont M60 Or M60E3 NiB

    send PM with phone # i,ll call ya ,,,thanks
  12. i have the same issue for 20 years, just fill it out and date for whole calendar year meaning from jan1 to dec 31 on 2022 this way your good for 12 months and in column for reason i put don I HAVE LANd THERE ,,works for me for 20 yrs, this way
  13. WTB-HK21 Feed Mech

    if your,e looking for a A version and not a E version send phone# and i,ll send pic,s ..thanks david
  14. WTB: Factory HK-G3SG1 Trigger Pack

    send phone # i,ll send pics ,,brand new in pkge hk part ,,thanks david
  15. WTB: SW76 Grip

    i got a s#w 76 grip that cracked on both sides but never broke can send pic,c send pm tith phone # for pics it,s totally usable as is ,,thanks david