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  1. AK DRUM

    I have 1 of these I would be willing to sell ,,what price are you thinking I remember last year at gun show,s were ASKING $500 plus but I didn,t see any sell soo a offer??? thanks can send pic,s if you supply cell phone # but it looks excellent
  2. WTB AK-47 or krinkov

    send phone # to my e mail will send some pic,s of 1off krink
  3. i.ll take these if above buyer doesn,t come thru
  4. WTB: Norinco 84s mags

    I got some new ones been in storage 25= years came from original 223 guns that were converted to 7,62x39 send phone I,ll call ya ,,thanks
  5. WTB: Valmet M71 parts

    how about send me your phone # I got most of what u need been in storage 20 years ...
  6. WTB Valmet manual and box accessories

    I got a valmet green leather sling ,my understanding is leather only used for a year or 2 then went to cloth sling looks almost new and is complete came in early 1970,s valmet I had ,,I,ve had it for almost 50 years ,,e if interested or send phone and I,ll send pic,s,,,david
  7. Wtb or wtt m134 minigun 80% housing casting.

    I have 2 housing,s 1 is a 80% other nice orig g,e cut nicely phone # in ad call or e with your # will sell one,,,david
  8. M249 operating rod/slider assembly

    I got a complete set up your,e lookin for,just did a major upgrade to a unit all part,s used but functioned properly in the gun send phone # I,ll do pic,s to you ..david
  9. Wtb or wtt m134 minigun 80% housing casting.

    410-653-1853 before 10 pm david
  10. Wtb or wtt m134 minigun 80% housing casting.

    I have 2 might be willing to sell one, got a price in mind or supply phone # I,ll call ya ,,,david
  11. WTB Transferable STG44 or MP44

    I got a minty mp44 to sell all matching,with mint bore might sell because I just got amnesty reg,and capture one offered to me that I,m gonna take,send phone and I,ll send pic,s,,,
  12. Hk 21k barrel

    got a price in ming or shall we guess
  13. Spitfire 45 SMG

    send phone # I have part,s and knowledge on the s##tfire will help you get it running
  14. Bosnian .50 bmg ammo experience?

    is good shot over 1,2000 in my 50 was perfect