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  1. $9750 Swd M11/9, Lage Max31 MK2 plus 6 drums

    Sold Pending Funds!
  2. $9750 Swd M11/9, Lage Max31 MK2 plus 6 drums

    I cut the price on this today. If you are an Ohio buyer we can meet for inspection & paperwork signing if you wanted.
  3. Sold pending funds! Thanks for the board!
  4. SOLD PENDING SWD M11/9 sten conv. w Lage MK1 upper

    Sold pending funds. Thanks for the board!
  5. **sold** pending funds
  6. 2 PMR30 mags and one Tandemkross picatinny optic rail, all for $80 shipped.
  7. For sale a bunch of 22 WMR. 399rds for $110 local sale only I will not ship 100rd is CCI maximag 40gr and 299rd is Hornady Vmax 30gr (250 is boxed, 49 is loose)
  8. For sale, 2 slightly used American 180 220rd drums, one has the stainless steel baseplate and one ungeared winder...$275 shipped.
  9. For sale is my SWD M11/9 transferrable 9mm smg with the Lage Max 31 MK2 Suomi drum fed upper, features 3 lug barrel and comes with 6 72rd Suomi drums. On a form 4 in Ohio asking $9750 and 100% payment to start the transfer process. Buyer is responsible for shipping and tax stamps.
  10. Up for sale is a fully transferrable SWD M11/9 9mm smg. This has had the sten mag conversion and comes with a Lage MK1 upper, 10 Sten magazines, Lage fixed stock and original upper. It is on a form 4 in Ohio, and is for sale for $10000. The purchase terms are 100% up front to start the paperwork.
  11. Up for sale is my Fleming full sized Uzi which is in excellent condition. I have owned this firearm for 17 years and it has always run flawlessly. It is a registered receiver Uzi and the trunnion, bolt, etc are what you would expect as a factory Uzi would be (not slotted, no blocking bar, etc), it takes factory Uzi smg barrels. It came as is, with the krinkle black painted wood stock, and it sports a cool Hebrew marked lower. I would describe the finish as HK type black. Included with the Uzi are the following extras: 3 new barrels 1 ratcheting top cover 1 walnut stock 1 folding stock 1 recoil rod, spring, buffer 2 32rd Uzi mags 1 spare German red/white selector marked lower 1 spare trigger This firearm is on a form 4 in Ohio and I am asking $17500 for this Uzi. Terms are 100% up front. If you're out of state, I will pay the first stamp to your dealer.
  12. WTS: AM15 upper w transferrable M16 optional

    Ok, pending funds the package is sold.
  13. This is my Tactical Innovations / Pike Arms GEN 2 AM15 (M16 only) .22 machinegun upper. It is in excellent condition and comes with all the original parts, fcg, manual, 2 220rd drums, 1 165rd drum with stainless steel baseplate, and a winder. The buyer will pay for this in full and will it will ship immediately via USPS insured and via registered mail (under lock at all times) for $3000. To the buyer of the AM15 upper, I will offer my transferrable Desert Ordnance converted M16 lower for $21000 more. It is also in excellent condition. It currently has the AM15 fcg installed, which I will leave in the lower, if sold together, and pics can provided on request to the AM15 buyer only. On the lower, I would require 75% down, and 25% upon transfer approval to a dealer. Even if the buyer is in Ohio, it is transferring to a dealer first, to cut down on my wait time for payment, and because of this, I will pay the first, or only, $200 stamp for the buyer, in or out of state. I'm in Ohio, and my form 4 shows I have owned this M16 lower since 2004.
  14. 22 Full auto questions

    I have this AM15 upper. I also had an American 180 as one of my first machineguns. Pros, the AM15 upper is a heck of a lot cheaper than an American 180 now (although I think I only paid 2400 for American 180 long ago, and years later traded it for the M16 that the AM15 upper is on now lol) but on the downside, I can only reliably run it on CCI minimag cprn rounds. Still, the M16 that the AM15 is on had a Spikes upper on it for years, so no worrying about changing the fcg out, as it will stay AM15 dedicated. It is loads of fun and I would recommend it to anyone. It is the American 180 experience without the cost. I would not recommend it if you are going to caliber change often. Just put it on your other M16 The rate of fire and the design is appealing with this AM15 upper. If you dont want to go AM15 route, I have heard the CMMG kits are good but you're not going to get the longgg drum dumps this way.