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  1. 22 Full auto questions

    I have this AM15 upper. I also had an American 180 as one of my first machineguns. Pros, the AM15 upper is a heck of a lot cheaper than an American 180 now (although I think I only paid 2400 for American 180 long ago, and years later traded it for the M16 that the AM15 upper is on now lol) but on the downside, I can only reliably run it on CCI minimag cprn rounds. Still, the M16 that the AM15 is on had a Spikes upper on it for years, so no worrying about changing the fcg out, as it will stay AM15 dedicated. It is loads of fun and I would recommend it to anyone. It is the American 180 experience without the cost. I would not recommend it if you are going to caliber change often. Just put it on your other M16 The rate of fire and the design is appealing with this AM15 upper. If you dont want to go AM15 route, I have heard the CMMG kits are good but you're not going to get the longgg drum dumps this way.
  2. So I can download it to my computer but what do I need to do / what is preventing me from being able to type in my information? Ugh...feeling dumb.
  3. All the versions I'm finding are older. I cant find a current (late 2019 version) unless they will accept the previous version
  4. SOLD

    Ammo is sold. I'm trying to figure out how to lock this post up.
  5. SOLD

    Sorry, no I will not be going to the April creek. I am willing to drive as far as Cincinnati though.
  6. SOLD

    updated post, will trade for 1,000rds Wolf/Tula, etc FMJ
  7. SOLD

    I've got 2 750rd cases (1500rd total) of Silver Bear 60gr 5.45x39 bimetal FMJ in zinc plated cases. This has been stored inside my home, inside 50 cal ammo cans. Ammo cans not included in the trade. Wanting to trade for 1,000rd factory boxed / factor loaded (no reloads), Wolf, Tula, etc 55gr FMJ .223 (no hp, no sp). I'm about 35-40 miles direct north of Dayton and willing to drive 30 miles in any direction for the trade.