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  1. WTB DPMS High Riser/Rider upper receiver

    I have found one for sale in the New Bern, Jacksonville, North Carolina area the seller will NOT post, it is pickup only. if anyone can pickup I will buy the upper off you, I will paypal you prior to pickup the $50 the seller is asking for it, then when you have it, will pay you what you want for it, and all postage and paypal fees - you can't loose I need this urgently, and will pay accordingly
  2. I urgently need one of the DPMS High Riser/Rider upper receivers. I have an FFL that will export to me, we both have all the permits, just need the upper My permit expires in a few weeks, and I dont know if a new permit will be issued, so need to find one of these uppers NOW This is the upper I am after http://www.gunlistings.org/iowa-gun-classifieds/cedar_rapids/all/230446/dpms_ar15_high_rise_upper_receiver_stripped Any condition considered I am PayPal verified Please help If you have one, or know someone who does Thanks
  3. Im after a Hi Riser AR15 upper receiver, either the DPMS Hi Riser, the RRA EOP upper, or something similar, in any condition I have a US address for shipping as I will be state side later this year Let me know what you have, thanks
  4. WTB:AR15 pump action kit

    Does anyone have a Bentwood Gunsmithing Universal Manual Operating System kit like in the below link that they want to sell? https://loadoutroom.com/10635/pump-action-ar-kit-bentwood-simple-effective/ or does anyone have any AR15 pump action kit, or pump parts left over from a DPMS pump rifle/pistol that has been converted to semi auto that they want to sell?
  5. WTB 223 cal AK 10rd mags

    Im after a quantity of 223 cal AK ten (10) round mags, must be factory 10rd, no blocked hi caps Prefer steel mags such as these Norinco AK mags, but will consider anything http://www.ebay.com/itm/122128847895?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I you don't want to export, that's fine, I have US addresses you can ship to, and I have import permits to legally import these. Let me know what you have Thanks
  6. I need to import some firearm stocks, have approval to import, have this in writing from my government,I am fully licensed I just need someone prepared to sent to me, generous commissions paid to anyone can help, would prefer an FFL in Indiana, I am PayPal verified,
  7. since I can't seem to upload photos of it here, what I can say is that has the same markings as in this link, the BMG in this link use to be mine as well, same deal, was just a receiver and barrel, was in really good condition too, I sold it for $2,500.00AUD to a local collector here, and this is definately not a Brit gun
  8. it is definitely a US Browning, as I have a BSA (British) one as well, the British MK 2 Brownings have slots in the barrel jacket, this one I have listed here has circles in the barrel jacket. I also have a rare (im told) Colt Browning MG38BT BMG Barrel is no good as it is welded shut. Sale would include top plate. bottom plate, left hand side plate, torch cut right hand side plate, and, if wanted the barrel and jacket I know enough to know its worth more than scrap metal to the right person in the US I have 303 link, not hard to find here They dug up an old road here years ago and found 100's of Brit Mk 2's burried under the road, were suppose to be destroyed by the military at a civillian scrap metal contractor, the shredding machine broke half way through the destruction, and the MP supervising couldnt be bothered waiting for the machine to get repaired, and just said make sure they all get destroyed. I heard quiet a few cars drove out of that facility that night and were bottoming out on the speed humps, cars must have been carrying too much weight the BMG i have listed here also has anti aircraft sights on it too If I could upload photos I would, however it keeps saying my account wont allow it
  9. Im after one of these stocks any condition considered must be prepared to ship I pay all shipping I have authority to import let me know what you have thanks
  10. just seeing if there is any interest in the USA in a deactivated (barrel plugged) Browning ANM2 aircraft machine gun Gun is located in AUSTRALIA, ie, not in the USA. Gun is missing all its internals, top cover, rear buffer and bolt. Basically a receiver a plugged barrel. . My understanding is this can be legally imported into the USA if the right hand side plate is removed prior to entering the USA and the right hand side plate is cut with a torch as per ATF specs.. Please correct me if this is wrong. Once in the USA im told this can be assembled into a legal machine gun if you are licensed and possess a legally registered right hand side plate. I read somewhere the right hand side plate must have been registered before May 1986. Again, please correct me if this is wrong. I can export this BMG to the US as I can obtain an export permit (which is free) I can email photos of this BMG, as it appears I cannot upload photos to this threat as I am a new member. Please advise if there is any interest in this BMG and what if is worth to you.