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  1. New Years ad update.
  2. C&R 1940 Dual Dovetail BREN Mk1 .303

    Gun has minor battle (bullet) damage to front of lower receiver near the tripod pin. Doesn't affect functionality or mountability in any way.
  3. Terms are negotiable.
  4. C&R 1940 Dual Dovetail BREN Mk1 .303

    Updated pics.
  5. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    Nice. Wasn't this an auto transmission factory? You find any 50 parts?
  6. SPF: Transferable 8mm BESA Mk2 beltfed

    Closeups of the ZB37 mount adapter.
  7. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    Yes, kit is still available. Receiver is complete and all matching. Right side plate has been carefully removed. All marking are intact. Manny
  8. Original WWII GM (Brown-Lipe-Chapin) M2HB 50 cal parts kit. Complete minus right side plate, bolt, and main spring. All parts are original WWII USGI. Receiver is complete (minus right side plate). Kit is in super condition. SPF Thanks, Manny
  9. Colt 741 20" HBAR upper for sale. All factory, all original, with C marked M16 Bolt carrier. Complete and ready to pin on to your M16. Condition is excellent. SPF Also, selling a Colt 4x scope (made in Japan in the 80's), missing windage dustcap. $325 plus shipping/insurance Thanks, Manny
  10. C&R 1940 Dual Dovetail BREN Mk1 .303

    I added new pics.