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  1. Colt SAA

    The good the bad and the ugly here... Good news..Matching numbers gorgous like new bore made in 1905. Bad news..Its got some extra curricular welding in the top strap, my guess a crack that got repaired. Ugly news..its 38-40 and has ugly buffalo grips. But it can all be yours for the low low price of 1250$ shipped.
  2. Some No law letter post samples.

    Not yet havent made it out to test fire.
  3. Some No law letter post samples.

    Bring out the trade offers.
  4. Some No law letter post samples.

    Got one guy in front of you interested. Ill let you know if he passes.
  5. Letting go of the Sot selling off these post samples with no law letter. 1) Israeli Mag 58 post sample build. Feeds both DM1 and M13 . Full Israeli markings for those that care. 1 barrel, Flash hider was off for cleaning forgot to put it on before pictures. Additional pictures or info message me. 20,000$ 17,500$ SPF 2) Semi auto Mg13 Host with post sample trigger pack. 10 Magazines, Spare lower and other small parts included. Has a booster to run all 8mm including the weak us spec stuff. Been a crowd favorite with all the history folks. 13,000$ 10,000$ Ill keep it for any less. 3) Sten shorty. 9mm, ugly as hell priced accordingly. Comes with 5 magazines 800$. ( Pictures coming) Trades are welcomed worst i can say is no. FNC's, Beretta Ar70's, Sig 551's, AR180's. Whatcha got?
  6. Jap Type 99, 34th Series

    I'll take it pending a question.
  7. M60 tank interior ammo can.
  8. WTS: .32 ACP and 5.56MM AMMO (REDUCED)!

    Ill take the 556 all of it.
  9. WTS:.312 tracer slugs 500rd

  10. WTS:.312 tracer slugs 500rd

    Ive been paying 8-10 cents per projo..Interested what color those are.
  11. Fn30 parts kit

    Yes sir please let me know a price and pictures to
  12. Fn30 parts kit

    Looking for a kit being I'm sitting on plates.
  13. Ill take it PM info.