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  1. R.I.A. M60 Sold

    Sold. Transferable Rock Island Armory M60. $46,500 shipped. On form 3 in dealer's possession in PA. Available for inspection and able to Eform to out of state dealer. Preferred payment in USPS money orders. Able to start paperwork with half payment received and ship when transfer clears and balance paid.
  2. Sold RIA M60E6 $62,000

  3. Sold RIA M60E6 $62,000

  4. Sold RIA M60E6 $62,000

  5. Sold RIA M60E6 $62,000

  6. Sold RIA M60E6 $62,000

    Sold. Form sale R.I.A. M60E6. Completely rebuilt by Desert Ordnance. Has not been fired since rebuild. Not just a kit installed on an old M60. Currently on a form 4 in PA. Have references available. Can be made available for inspection. Preferred payment of $62,000 in USPS money orders. Half and half deal possible. Shipping and forms paid by buyer.
  7. WTB: Transferable HK G3

    Replied with pm. Still looking
  8. WTB: Transferable HK G3

    Still looking
  9. Looking for a transferable registered receiver G3, possibly G3K. Manufacturer? Push pin or shelf? Location? Price? PM with information. Thanks
  10. Sold

    Price Lowered
  11. Sold

  12. Sold

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