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  1. cant pay any thing close to that sorry
  2. how much shiped for all the guns
  3. offer 125.00 shiped for all the revolvers i keep waht i want and the other goes to local auction to be sold some times i make some cash sometimes i break even sometimes i lose money
  4. wanted antique revolvers and ammo all most any kind even odd ball ammo factory or reloads
  5. I have a bunch of the hotcvhkiss universal 32 rd 9mm mags i can sell for a lot less than 30.00 each
  6. oow does not have any more
  7. wanted surplus gun mags

    wanted all most any kind of military surplus gun mags all most any kind of mags in bulk can pay 1.00 to 2.00 each all depending on what you have for sale please email me pictures
  8. I got some Madsen multi caliber 30 rd mags for sale in fair to good condtion if any body is instrested in buying them i got approxmently 90 or so left please email me mags will have paint loss some rust and greesy
  9. any body instrested in any British black musket flints im soon going to get some for sale
  10. whats price are the Hotchkiss universal 30 rd 9mm mags selling for in good condtion