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  1. I have several SBR and SBS all on Form 3 that came in from an estate and most appear to have been shot very little but there are handling marks. These will all transfer on a Form3 via eFile your FFL/SOT. Shipping is additional. CMMG MK-9 SBR 9mm $1,299.95 OS INC SAIGA 12 SBS 12ga $2,499.00 AUTO ORDINANCE 1927A1 SBR 45acp $2,499.00 AUTO ORDINANCE 1927A1 SBR 45acp $2,499.00 B&T TP9 SBR 9mm $1,899.95 SPIKES TACTICAL Compressor SBR/SUPPRESSOR 556MM $2,899.95 BUSHMASTER CARBON-15 SBR 9MM $999.95 BUSHMASTER CARBON-15 SBR 556MM $1,099.95 BUSHMASTER XM15-E2S SBR LOWER HALF ONLY 556MM $349.99 OS INC WASR-10 SBR 7.62X39 $2,499.00 Quarter Circle 10 Custom 9mm 5.5 SBR 9mm $1,789.00 Vector AK47 SBR 7.62X39 $2,499.00
  2. WTS: Registered AR15 DIAS Reduced

  3. WTS: Registered AR15 DIAS Reduced

    I have one F.B Whitman & Son DIAS (Drop in Auto Sear) in stock on a Form 3. This is ready to eFile to your FFL/SOT. As pictured. Before you ask the body is made of aluminum with a steel trip/flapper. The asking price is $39K delivered to your dealer.
  4. WTS: Registered AR15 DIAS Reduced

    price drop
  5. WTS: Various SBR and SBS firearms on Form 3s

    You can always send me an email. alan
  6. WTS: Registered AR15 DIAS Reduced

  7. WTS: SBR Thompson 1927A1 T1BSB

  8. WTS: SBR Thompson 1927A1 T1BSB

    I have two like new Thompson 1927A1 T1BSB's on a Form 3s ready to eFile to your FFL/SOT. Their price is $2499 plus $80 Shipping two day. Caliber .45 ACP Barrel 12" (T1SB, T1BSB) Material Steel Length 35” - 25.5" (without buttstock T1BSB) Weight 12 lbs. (T1SB, T1BSB) Sights Blade front, open rear adjustable Magazines One 30 round stick magazine (M1SB) Stock Walnut detachable buttstock and vertical foregrip
  9. WTS: Various SBR and SBS firearms on Form 3s

  10. WTS: Tapco Sten MKII mags

    I would like to buy 3. I also sent a separate email. alan
  11. WTS: Registered AR15 DIAS Reduced

  12. WTS: SBR Thompson 1927A1 T1BSB

  13. WTS: Various SBR and SBS firearms on Form 3s

  14. WTB: Sig 552 Recoil Spring Guide

    Does anyone have any?
  15. WTB: Sig 552 Recoil Spring Guide

    I'm in need of Sig 552 Recoil Spring guide and spring if you have it. My machinegun keeps eating them. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. thanks, alan

    I'll take it if it is still available
  17. WTS: Stripped NOS M249 Barrels

    ill take the last para barrel
  18. Wts: SIG 551A1 both Spf: to Alan & Brian

    I'll take it. How do u want payment and FFL? alan
  19. M2HB Complete Bolt assembly as new never been in gun $750 SOLD M2HB Complete barrel Extension bought as new and never installed any of my guns $450 SOLD M2HB Buffer Body assembly complete $450 SOLD M60e3 Long Barrel assembly (missing carry handle) $1500 M60e3 Short Barrel assembly $1600 SOLD M60e3 Short Barrel assembly shot out for demo/inert display $900 SOLD
  20. MG Parts for Sale including M2HB and M60

    make me an offer
  21. WTS: Colt Bulldog 1877 Gatling 45-70 $45K OBO

    I would have to count if you are serious. I also have once fire 45-70 Starline brass that would available also. Text me at 303-408-9898.
  22. .45-70 Government, S/N MACHINEGUNTOURS01. Adjustable sights. Included are 4 20-round loading blocks, tripod, three original type transit chests, complete set of additional hard plastic transit cases with custom foam cut to fit, original tools for assembly/disassembly. This incredible reproduction is chambered in the original .45-70 Govt. Caliber with a maximum firing rate of 100 rounds per minute. The Bulldog is equipped with a Bruce Feed Gravity Feed system (not a magazine) which holds 40 rounds in parallel and is fed with wooden feed blocks. The Bulldog has five 18 1/4 inch barrels which are fully enclosed in a cylindrical housing, with an overall length of 34 inches. The Bulldog was the first rear hand-cranked gun that Gatling ever produced. Every turn of the rear crank produces a complete revolution or the 5 barrel unit thus firing the gun 5 times. The spent cartridges are automatically ejected from the gun. At the rear of the gun there are adjustments for windage and elevation. The tripod mount includes beautiful brass and iron components, and legs of solid ash wood. The Bulldog weighs in at 135 pounds and the tripod weighs an additional 135 pounds. The purchaser has an option on several thousand rounds of 45-70 ammunition also including tracer and spent 45-70 cases
  23. WTS: Presample Uzi and Thompson 1928A1

    Make me an offer
  24. I have a couple of Pre Samples for sale. They are both on Form 3's currently in inventory and will be filled via eforms once payment has been received. These are available to other dealers only, so no individual sales. Uzi Full Size $8500 with a Thompson Machine Suppressor Auto Ordnance Thompson 1928A1 - $14K