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  1. Good afternoon, Gents! I'm looking for a Lage Max10-9 slow fire upper for the M10 smg, as Lage Manufacturing presently has them on backorder. Mark 1 or 2 considered, preference for Mark 2. I've already got the Max 10/31 and Max 10-45 upper. Please let me know if you've got a 9mm that you'd part with. Thank you!
  2. Registered M16 auto sear

    Some years ago, Ruben Mendiola had for sale an AR15 that had a conversion device somehow installed in the forward assist. It was also 'married' to the weapon, and the upper was not able to be replaced. I always wanted to know more about that rifle, but never got around to asking about it. Maybe this is something similar? It could even be the same gun, for what it's worth.
  3. M16 shooter preservation questions

    These guys have said most of it all. The only thing I would mention depends on if its a factory (Colt) or a conversion like Sendra or SGW. Sometimes those can be out of spec and need to be sent to a competent smith.
  4. FNC need help / parts

    As I'm having my coffee and thinking about this again, it could also be beneficial to inspect the carrier for stress cracks and have them TIGed up as well. Should you actually mail the carrier off, make absolutely certain that you insure the package for the cost of a full fnc semi auto rifle. You'll likely never find a replacement bolt carrier should they lose it.
  5. FNC need help / parts

    If I recall correctly, there are no factory machine gun FNCs in the US - theyre all converted semis. The folders were originally imported for NJ police, though. While there are registered receiver guns, they're done in exactly the same manner. In fact, I don't believe the factory auto sear works at all in these conversions. What this means is that every auto fnc bolt carrier was welded to gain a trip, which honestly is encouraging. TBA Suppressors is the primary FNC shop now that S&H has scaled down their work, maybe give them a call. I also would think M60Joe could do it. There's little he can't weld.
  6. I bought a PTR91 from them leading right up to the election. They had the best price by far online, and actually had stock on hand. They're part of the DFW metroplex, so I drove up to their store to pick it up. They're quality cats, don't be afraid to buy from them.
  7. Hey Sturm, Brian Hammer (Final Shot Armory, LLC) is handling a form 4 for me on a Polytech that NFA branch informed me is being returned for correction (digit missing from serial). I have some questions for him, but I dont have the same phone I had last year. Final Shot was previously in Ft Worth, though they moved locations last summer. The contact info on the website is disconnected, though his FFL was renewed last May. Does anyone know of a means to get in touch? Thank you!
  8. First time MG recommendations

    And once you narrow down your choices, spend some time to sniff out the market. Amazing deals do pop up if you're patient. Last year I found a Polytech AKMS for 16k, and I snatched what may be the last sub teen-thousand FNC yesterday. There's no real ryhme or reason to finding them, but its always fun to window shop.
  9. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    Wow. I'm impressed, and that may very well be the last of the sub 20k m16a1s. +1 for the local find. I always wonder what's available but not listed online. Unfortunately most SOTs I visit almost never have anything other than a mac.
  10. smith for M16

    Actually, if I recall correctly you do not *have* to do any forms for a repair if the smith has their SOT or manufacturers (07) ffls. The weapon remains yours, and is still registered to you. Of course the ATF recommends you submit a form 5 to protect yourself from any sort of false transfer issues, but again I don't think you are required to. Form 5s typically have quick turnaround. Insurance and shipping are something you definitely do need to take the high road on, though.
  11. smith for M16

    Im going to recommend M60Joe for that. I know he's done exactly what you're looking for, and often does repairs for things that are really bad.
  12. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    There's a Colt 614 for sale in Austin, TX for 24,750. He will do the 50/50 payments as well. That and David's model 01 are the lowest I can find for factory Colt rifles. I stand by my previous assertion of getting a conversion RR while they're still under 20k. However, should you do that, I would avoid the colts because of the large pin uppers.
  13. Hey all you good folks. I'm sure you're all aware of the ATF white paper by now, and if not, you will be before long. It honestly was a breath of fresh air, but as I drove home today I began to think about two of the points mentioned within. So I don't remember it verbatim, and naturally a white paper conveys no legal status. But for discussion sake, let's assume it passes everything as mentioned. There was a point about creating an FFL purely for online transfers and/or gun shows. In other words, a legally recognized kitchen ffl. Ok, that's neato. Then there was mention that requiring SOTs to have a law letter to deal with post 86s is more of a hassle than anything, and potentially a hindrance for sales. There is talk of removing the requirement of the law letter required to get post 86ers. So here's my point - imagine getting rid of the law letter. All of you FFL critters who don't have an SOT know you're going to get one. And then there's the new kitchen table FFL - do you think there's provision to prohibit them from getting their SOT? Effectively this could open up so many opportunities for people to have the guns they would otherwise never be able to afford. Take a nice m60 - I've seen them sell at 50,000 lately. One could maintain licensure fees for 40 years on a sot and still pay half that, and get a new m60e6 for LE market value. The seller in Bryan TX sold a post 86 ak47 last week for cheaper than semis go for these days. The future could be fun. Any thoughts? Edit before someone chimes in with this: and clearly most of us know you can't obtain your FFL (01, 02) purely for the sake of your personal collection. Everyone know that. Im suggesting that it wouldn't be too hard to conduct the business portion with the restrictions eased AND get to deal with posties.
  14. It's one of the last transferables that SWD did, so it is presently a 5.56 gun. That simply won't do. I've got three or four 7.62 chinese barrels that will get used up. Double-folder fun. Since it's a folder I feel I'm a little more limited in my modification options, though that's not to say I haven't been scheming. We will see In about a year though I think I'm going to put a 1969 dodge charger on the market to buy a belt gun, or do a straight trade with someone. The way things are, I'll play with the gun more than the car haha.