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  1. Looking for Valmet M76 Mags in .223

    Interested in 2 of the the 15 rnd mags. Please send pics. What do you want for them? thanks.
  2. Looking for 15 round mags for a Valmet M76 in .223
  3. Valmet .223 Mags Wanted

    Sir, One more question. Can your Valmet shoot 5.56 as well as .223 ammo? Since you've been shooting yours for so long, I wondered if it can handle the higher pressure of 5.56. Thanks.
  4. Valmet .223 Mags Wanted

    Sir, Yes I'm interested, but do have a few questions. What model Valet do you have? I'm looking for ones for my M76 model. What is the round capacity of these mags? Would you be willing to sell 2 for $300.00? Finally, can you email me any pictures of them? If so, please send to the gmail address below. Thanks.
  5. Valmet .223 Mags Wanted

    Need magazines for a Valmet M76 in .223
  6. Valmet 76 308 Magazines Wanted

    Looking to purchase magazines for a Valet 76 rifle chambered in .308