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  1. HK21 HK23 beltfed host - questions

    Well I pulled the trigger shortly after starting this thread and purchased a MM23e. My gun was found on the used market but looked to be fairly new. Turns out my sear pack has a small timing issue. The gun runs perfectly in semi but I get light primer strikes on auto. Swapped in a known good sear pack when troubleshooting (thanks JBNTEX) and she runs perfectly with multiple ammo choices. Will sort out my previously suspected timing soon and all will be golden. At this point I'm extremely happy with my purchase and on the lookout for a 308 conversion. Thanks for all the help from everyone on this thread. Chris
  2. WTS; Transferable B&G 9mm Uzi bolt (e-file)

    Private message sent.
  3. HK21 HK23 beltfed host - questions

    Fellas! I know Sturm has some institutional knowledge but I’m floored with all the info in response to my question. This is exactly the kind of feedback I needed. I’ve just completed a first pass but will need to take some time to digest it all. Thanks so much for all of the detailed responses. Chris
  4. Looking to add a belt fed as my next sear host if not purchasing a complete registered receiver gun or gun already with a sear. Any reason to go with one type of host over another. Initial instincts want me to find a host with a DLO trigger box. Appears lots of different manufacturers from Fleming, Volmer, TSC, Michael’s Machines and more. What I want is a HK21 with parts to go to HK23 config and any extras to make my experience better. What are the must have accessories? What does the collective wisdom of the Sturm board suggest? Any things to avoid? What are the values of the various guns from different manufacturers and why do some demand a premium?
  5. Local shop has an incoming HK registered trigger pack made by L&B from Grants Pass Oregon. I've never heard of this manufacturer before and curious if anyone knows more information? If possible would like to know how this manufacturer made their packs? Would this be a pack made like a DLO from a full auto trigger pack utilizing all factory HK internals or like a Knights pack which used a modified semi pack and a proprietary sear? I have not seen the pack in person to be able to investigate. Thanks, Chris
  6. Good post R.L. Mike is missed.
  7. Exploring more subguns, which to go for?

    I vote for adding an M16 or MAC variant. Neither is unique but both are fun with great options.

    Mike, Thanks for all you share on this board. Your experience and willingness to type out your various experiences and stories are something I’m always hoping to find when logging into Sturm. Hang in there Mike. I’m still a bit away from getting a beltfed into my collection and your input and advice is sure to save me time, money and grief. Chris in Austin
  9. Issue with MAC M10 45 cal suppressor

    Dink, Thanks for the input. Agreed and already done on the rear buffer for the Mac. This is not my first MAC and I had this part ready to swap before the latest one arrived. Very easy thing for folks to miss. Regarding the can, the piece that is loose is a metal washer and not a wipe. I should have been clear in my description. Not sure why this would be loose in the can and what holds it in place. Suppose worst case scenario is I pull the can apart and if I can't repair I just send it to Bowers.
  10. Recently received a Powder Springs Mac 10 with a MAC Suppressor model M10, 45 caliber Serial S1-30013**. This is an earlier can from 1978 or before with the two separate sized tubes making up the body. This can and gun appear to have been used very little if any. Dry firing the Mac 10 with the can installed something fell out that looked like tan mud. Shaking the can around to see if any more would come out I could hear some light noise. Looking down the can from the front I discovered what appears to be a standard washer within a couple inches of the muzzle that had dislodged and would turn sideways in the can. Not able to shoot this as is and wondering what path I should take? I understand these cans can be disassembled and wonder if it is worthwhile for me to attempt a repair or if I should send it off to someone to update the baffle stack to a more modern configuration. Both paths also raise questions. If I repair what are the steps I should take and any gotchas to be aware of? If sending the can off to upgrade who is recommended and why?
  11. Somebody school me on the PS90

    The PS90 and by extension the P90 are neat contraptions. Had a post sample P90 for a half dozen years and it was my favorite machine gun in the shop. Darn thing never had any reliability issues and was super easy to shoot. Only issue which was warrantied by FN was a busted stock due to the extra force from running suppressed. The gun never stopped running during that time just one of the pins holding the two sides of the stock together was obviously broken . If running a can on one I would highly recommend updating to a heavier recoil spring. Light weight, reliable, high capacity, accurate and easy to shoot; what's not to love. The 5.7 is by no stretch a rifle round but for it's design goal (lots of rounds on a close target accurately and fast, AP if needed) absolutely a winner. Love the 5.7 round and in the pistol it is another neat package.
  12. Love the book Frank! Devoured the entire thing cover to cover while at the beach this summer. Favorite story is the circus described of the product demo for John Wayne. That snippet alone was worth the price. Thanks for putting that together.
  13. M16 registered reciever mag issue

    Well after spending some time looking at the receiver and comparing to known good examples with my calipers I found the issue and she's running great and all mags are working. Running my fingers over the mag catch externally I noticed the mag catch on the PAWS was sitting higher than the other receivers which were sitting slightly under or even with the height of the receiver. Internally was the exact opposite where the main body of the mag catch would protrude slightly on working receivers but was not doing such on the PAWS. Measuring the depth where the mag catch is inserted I find a normal receiver is ~.173 deep and the PAWS was only .149. The cheapest and easiest way to test was to take some material off a mag catch and test in the PAWS. I took .05 off a mag catch so it would seat deeper and reinstalled and all seemed well. Shooting today verified even my loosest mag staying in under auto fire with hundreds of rounds. Not a single mag retention issue today and only one failure to feed with hundreds of rounds of various ammo fired which very well could have been an anomaly. So to sum up today was a good day with the only bummer being the CMMG 22 kit was not wanting to cooperate at all.
  14. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    Sorry to change the direction of the thread but I have a question for Mike. Mike you stated above " I have only seen 4 machine guns that could not be fixed, ONE M-16 and 3 UZI BOLTS ", please tell what the issue was with the M16 that could not be corrected?
  15. So after the long wait my PAWS/OLY registered receiver is home. The first trip shooting was fine except for a specific magazine did not want to stay in the gun while firing. Second trip, same thing with C-products mags but HK and PMAG magazines seemed fine. Took it out Sunday and damned if no magazines want to stay in the contraption longer than a shot or two, even in semi-auto. I tried swapping out the mag catch the same day and the symptoms continued. Of note the mag catch I swapped in as a spare was old. The gun runs like a sewing machine when the mags stay in place. I'm about to head to the garage and start measuring against a know good receiver and various mag catches with my trusty calipers looking for answers. Any ideas or hints would be appreciated. Worst case if the magwell is out of spec is that something that can be corrected/shimmed? Thanks, Chris